Green roofs for bike shelters

21 January 2021

A simple green solution: green roofs on bike shelters. The built environment offers a lot of previously unused surfaces that can be improved with greenery. Using green roofs, living walls and instant hedge screens are all innovative options to boost the green space in urban areas, without restricting the availability of public open space. These possibilities are endless, as are the lasting benefits. Greened roofs and living walls have positive effects for our home, work and living environments, for humans as well as flora and fauna.

A return to nature

Installing greenery to the roofs of bike shelters has many plus points.  Firstly, this offers a hitherto unused surface and by introducing a green roof, you are bringing a welcome piece of nature back.  Additionally, the green roof absorbs rainwater, holding 60-80% more water than a bare roof.  This reduces the impact on paved areas where heavy rain leads to pressure on the drainage and sewer systems in our cities.  Less flooding and reduced loads on highway and drainage systems – an added bonus.  A green roof also brings a huge boost to the area’s biodiversity, extending green corridors and connecting larger habitats in parks, gardens and nature areas.  This can contribute to the conservation and restoration of endangered species of birds, bees and butterflies.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO green roofs for bike shelters Antwerp

Location: VZK Sint Lievens College Antwerpen

Installation date: 2020


A greener outlook

A green roof not only brings benefits in its installation but also adds visual impact to its immediate environment. Being able to see foliage, greenery and plants improves the surroundings in urban, residential and commercial areas and workplaces. Did you know that patients spend an average of 1 day less in hospital when they have a view of greenery? This is because a view of greenery, such as on green roofs, provides a healthy, vibrant and pleasant distraction. The therapeutic influence of nature is well recognised and can lead to the reduction of stress, lowering of blood pressure, reduction of muscle pain and an increase in positive feelings. The natural appearance of green roofs has a calming, stress-reducing and productivity-enhancing effect. It makes people healthier, happier, more creative and more relaxed.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO green roofs for bike shelters

Location: Martini hospital Groningen

Installation date: 2018


Ready-made green roof cassettes

A quick and easy way to install a green roof on a cycle shelter or covered area is to use ready-made green roof cassettes, called MobiRoof. These cassettes can be placed directly onto the canopy, clicking together to create a green roof. Planted with pre-cultivated sedums, there is no need to wait a season for a beautiful roof covering – it is there, in an instant. What is a sedum cassette? It is a type of shallow planter made up of several layers, the uppermost of which is filled with succulents. These are already well-rooted and are ready to immediately form a green roof.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO green roofs for bike shelters