We care

We care

It’s all about creating a better world. And that’s why we include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals into our strategies, plans and processes.

Green energy

We work with different climate zones in our greenhouses. This way, we don’t waste energy. The climate zone we use for the young plants is heated with a mix of renewable energy sources. To do this, we partner with NEXTgarden, a neighbouring collective energy garden. Together we are committed to creating a climate-neutral horticultural production area. All great initiatives, from harnessing wind and solar energy, to energy storage and the connection of our nursery to this sustainable heat network.

Circular water system

To water our plants, we use harvested rainwater from a pond on the nursery. We use this water for our closed cultivation system. Excess water not absorbed by the plants during irrigation is collected and reused. This collected water is cleaned by a UV filter to prevent the spread of potential bacteria and disease and is stored in our outdoor reservoir. This way, we do not waste water and continue to reduce our water footprint.

Natural pesticides

In our glasshouses, we use biological control. This means that any harmful pests are combatted by their natural enemies. The controls we use have been fully tested for safety and effectiveness and do not harm the environment.

A social workplace

One of our goals is to manage our business with a social conscience. Our production nursery provides employment locally to over 200 colleagues, giving each of them regular and rewarding work in their local community.


The world thrives and survives with an enriched biodiversity. All our outdoor products make a positive contribution to the biodiversity in their vicinity in which they are installed. Plant varieties and ecosystems ensure a better quality of air with the production of oxygen, encouraging pollination of plants, helping filter clean water, enriching fertile soil and maintaining a stable climate.

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Sustainability Credentials

PlanetProof Certification

Mobilane products are grown by the parent company Darthuizer Group. The production grows and supplies products that meet the PlanetProof quality mark. The independent environmental quality label “On the way to PlanetProof” demonstrates that you are buying a product that is produced more sustainably and is therefore better for nature, the environment, climate and wildlife.

Groenkeur Certification

Darthuizer Production has achieved the Groenkeur certificate for nursery production. The certification process sets extra legal requirements for the use of plant protection products and aims to maintain a natural balance. By purchasing products with the Groenkeur logo, a purchaser ensures that these products comply with Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.

CSR Netherlands

Together with the Darthuizer Group, we are a partner of MVO Nederland. Climate neutrality, the circular economy, inclusive entrepreneurship and fair trade supply chains are essential for the continued existence of our company in the future.

Dutch Green Building Council

Mobilane, together with other members, is working with the DGBG - part of the World Green Building Council - to speed up building a future-proofed built environment in which future generations can live, thrive and work comfortably and healthily.