LivePicture X Plaq

30 November 2020

Innovation is one of the core values of Mobilane. In collaboration with artist Yolanda Paul, Orangerie Bijleveld has therefore developed Plaq, an innovative, sustainable and reusable cover for the LivePicture.


Plaq is a magnetic cover which can be used to quickly and easily transform the Mobilane LivePicture into a colorful LivePicture. Plaq is reusable and does not leave any damages on the LivePicture when the cover is removed. The cover is available for all models of the LivePicture and available in 4 different designs; Inca, Heaven, Indian Summer and Thunder.

Mobilane website Plaq overview


Plaq is quick and easy to install. Make sure the frame of the LivePicture is clean. Attach the Plaq on the top of the frame and slowly slide the Plaq downwards on the frame and smooth it out. After attaching the Plaq, place the plant cassette in the LivePicture.


Mobilane Plaq installation




Years ago she became fascinated by the ecological process of natural stones and the beauty that is created within. When a natural stone is split into two, it reveals the unique design created by a natural phenomenon that goes on for millions of years.

Inspired by these unique designs, Yolanda creates works of art such as wall art, decorative pillows, handmade vases, and fascinating plates that reveal the hidden treasures in small and large natural stones. The true beauty of natural stones, just like with humans, lies within and is not always visible on the outside.



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