Worldwide, Mobilane is building a greener and healthier living environment.

Mobilane is market leader for the sustainable development and delivery of patented, innovative green systems. Mobilane’s green systems offer a ready-to-use solution for almost any situation. Think of green screens, green roofs, green walls and facades.

A plant picture in your home

Herbs and plants are alomst essential for any nice garden, however this might take up a lot of space. A solution for this is the LivePicture GO. The LivePicture is a unique vertical herbgarden or flowerbank.


Designer furniture for offices, hotels and open spaces

At Mobilane, we believe that design is a combination of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability that is brought to life through skilled work with materials with the highest quality. LiveDivider PLUS is a designer piece of furniture, designed for a sustainable and healthy future.


Green solutions for schools

Clean air to breathe should be the norm for every child, but sadly this is not the case. Poor air quality in schools results in difficulty in concentrating and tiredness, among other things. Mobilane comes with solutions fitting for schools.


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Alternatives for a moss wall

Moss walls are very popular at the moment, and there are some good reasons for those walls to be as in demand as they are. A moss wall, or living wall for that matter, can be placed in pretty much any ...

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Earth day 2022

Earth Day 2022: Invest In Our Planet The climatecrisis and biodiversity crisis have been seen as very serious for quite a while, and more and more people are starting to realise that action is needed. ...

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