Worldwide, Mobilane is building a greener and healthier living environment.

Mobilane is market leader for the sustainable development and delivery of patented, innovative green systems. Mobilane’s green systems offer a ready-to-use solution for almost any situation. Think of green screens, green roofs, green walls and facades.

Designer furniture for offices, hotels and open spaces

At Mobilane, we believe that design is a combination of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability that is brought to life through skilled work with materials with the highest quality. LiveDivider PLUS is a designer piece of furniture, designed for a sustainable and healthy future.


Exclusive sustainable green Christmas gift

Looking for a unique and sustainable Christmas gift for colleagues, employees or business relations? LivePicture GO is a unique Christmas gift that adds greenery to any work- and living environment. An innovative green system for real plants for any wall matching any interior.


A green jungle in the MaLo restaurant

Sustainability can not be better implemented in the design of the interior than with living greenery. The green wall with real plants in combination with real-looking artificial plants from the ceiling creates a unique jungle feeling.


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