Green wall

A green wall instantly gives an indoor space a lively look. The plant wall brings the feeling of the outdoors inside and adds an extra dimension to the space. In addition, an indoor plant wall also effectively contributes to the health of users and the sustainable look of the building. Mobilane’s living wall systems are modular and ideal for offices, catering establishments, schools, showrooms, but also simply at home. An indoor plant wall is easy and quick to install and fully recyclable. Check out the different types of indoor green walls below.

LivePanel Indoor

A sustainable indoor green wall

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LivePanel Pack

An all-in-one living wall system

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Types of green wall

For a green wall with plants, there are the LivePanel Pack and LivePanel Indoor. The LivePanel Indoor is a modular system and is available in any size. The LivePanel Pack, on the other hand, is available in 4 different sizes. Both types of green walls consist of interchangeable cassettes containing slots in which the plants are placed. The green wall can be put together completely as you wish thanks to the freedom of design and plant selection. The modular indoor green wall system is easy to install on different types of walls.

The LivePanel Pack green wall system is ideal for rooms with one or more small wall surfaces. Are there no or few walls? Then create a kind of green wall as a natural partition with the green wall room divider: the LiveDivider Plus. Prefer to start small? Then take a look at our plant paintings: the LivePicture and the LivePicture Go.

Why a plant wall indoor?

So-called living walls can be seen in more and more places and that is not surprising. A green wall creates a healthy indoor environment and can be used for various applications. For example, it has a positive effect on humidity and purifies the air, making employees more productive and less stressed. A plant wall is also a real eye-catcher in any interior space. Or use a green wall with plants to improve acoustics.

Vertical greenery

With the LivePanel system, bare walls are easily transformed into warm and vibrant surfaces. And placing greenery vertically also saves space. Especially useful for adding more greenery in small rooms. The plant cassettes can be divided by cutting them at the indicated seams. This makes it easy to cut them to the desired size.

Advantages of an indoor living wall

Various studies, e.g. by the WUR, have shown that plants have a good influence in the home or office. For instance, the green wall has an air-purifying effect, as well as a positive effect on employee productivity and concentration. In addition, greenery in an office space has been proven to reduce stress.

All the advantages of an indoor plant wall at a glance:

  • Vertical greenery takes up little space
  • Improves indoor climate and air quality
  • Increases concentration, productivity and general well-being
  • Improves room acoustics
  • Insulating and soundproofing effect
  • Reduces stress
  • Aesthetic added value / visual appeal

A green wall reduces sick leave

A study by Wageningen University shows that an indoor plant wall not only provides physical benefits such as the influence on humidity and the air-purifying effect. In cooperation with scientific company Fytagoras, Wageningen Environmental Research (part of Wageningen University) conducted research into the influence of plants in the workplace. This revealed several positive effects that can be linked to planting, both mentally and physically.

In general, employees in a workspace with plants have a more positive state of mind and are more satisfied with their own performance, leading to higher productivity. Planting also ensures that workplaces are perceived as more attractive. In addition, it also leads to less sick leave. On average, employees report 1.6 fewer days sick per year. The researchers argue that partly because of this, the costs of purchasing and maintaining the plant wall can be recouped within as little as a year. Moreover, a green wall is an inexpensive alternative for increasing humidity in rooms and cooling them in summer.

Indoor green wall plants

A variety of plants are possible for an indoor green wall. Compose your own plant mix for a plant wall or, for example, choose the Lemon Surprise mix: a composition of air-purifying plants. The Mobilane Plant Guide lists all the flowers and plants that are suitable for an indoor plant wall. Of course, we are also happy to help you put together a plant mix for a green wall. For advice or more information, please contact Mobilane Technical Support.

MobiPanel Essenza Plant Species

All plants, for in the cassettes of the LivePanel system, are grown locally under “On the way to PlanetProof” certification. This independent certification means that the plants are sustainably produced and are a better choice for nature, climate and animals. In cooperation with the Darthuizer Group, the plants are planted in the cassettes. This production site has a sheltered workshop and employs 200 people with a distance to the labour market. Because the plants are cared for at the nursery for some time after being planted, the indoor living wall immediately looks beautifully green and full.

Maintenance of indoor plant walls

Indoor wall plants do not require much maintenance, but it does depend on the light situation and watering. To keep the green wall with plants in good condition, the wall is equipped with an irrigation system. Thanks to the built-in water reservoir, there is no need to install a special connection. Depending on the size of the plant wall, the gutters can be filled manually or automatically. The smart system does the rest. The sensors only water when the plants need it. This also makes the green wall economical in water consumption.

LivePanel TANK

The green wall can be watered not only by manual watering or automatic irrigation system, but also by the so-called LivePanel TANK. This gives the indoor plant wall its own irrigation system from a tank placed at the bottom of the wall. The tank holds a water supply that must be topped up manually, once every 1-2 months. Because it is not connected to a water supply and drainage system, it is efficient in water consumption. A time-controlled pump supplies water to the gutter profiles from the tank. This does require a power connection.

Indoor lighting green wall

The success and growth of plants on the wall depends, among other things, on the lighting situation. Plants need sufficient light to grow. If only little sunlight reaches the green wall, it is recommended to use lighting with daylight spectrum. LiveSpectrum‘s LED luminaires have been specially developed to simulate daylighting. In addition, the luminaires are separately dimmable and rotatable. This makes it easy to match the desired light intensity to the various plants in the LivePanel systems. The LED luminaires can be mounted on ceilings using a rail, but recessed mounting is also possible.

Sustainable plant wall

Plants on the wall contribute to a healthy indoor environment. In addition, the modular system is made of sustainable materials. The materials are reusable and fully recyclable. As a result, it not only contributes to a sustainable look, but is also truly sustainable. View our wall projects to see where our green walls have already been applied.

Outdoor green wall

A green wall with plants is not only available for indoors, but also outside it is also possible to transform a wall into a living wall. A vertical plant wall outside has an insulating effect and increases the aesthetic value of the building. Moreover, an outdoor green wall has the advantage that direct sunlight and rainwater stimulate plant growth.

De Bilt, Netherlands

A green wall in the lounge of Swiss Dental Spa

‘‘We spend much of our lives indoors. The greenery calms people down, and subconsciously the wall thereby also helps reduce any fear people might have of the dental hygienist.’’

- Sima Bleij View this project

Voorburg, Netherlands

Green walls for 'Urban Chic' restaurant Miss Jones

‘‘Miss Jones is used as a hang-out with multiple different rooms that seamless connect to eachother. One of those rooms is the botanical conservatory, where the green walls speak for themselves! An absolute great addition.’’

- Rein Rambaldo View this project


LivePanel Pack at office expansion of Manchester and Cheshire Construction

‘‘Due to the growth of the business, we had to create additional space for our employees. One of the first elements which we decided upon was the introduction of two living walls.’’

- David Lowe View this project