Instant hedge

It often takes several years before a green hedge for a fence or yard boundary is tall and dense enough. With Mobilane’s Ready-made hedges, this is a thing of the past and you enjoy instant privacy. These ready-made hedges are pre-grown with different species of ivy and other plants. As a result, they are delivered fully vegetated and immediately provide a dense, green garden fence. Moreover, installing the green hedge fence is done in no time and it looks as if the hedge has been there for years!

Green Hedging Screen

An instant green hedging screen

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The instant hedge can be used in various ways, for example as a green hedge fence with the neighbours or to create a fence around the terrace or swimming pool. But it can also be used to hide waste containers or bicycle racks from view. In addition, ready-made hedges can be used to combat graffiti. The possibilities of a ready-made hedge are endless and so are the heights and plant species. A ready-made hedge can even be placed on a balcony!

Sustainable garden fence

The Mobilane Ready-Hedge consists of a steel grid overgrown with (climbing) plants. The grid is made of galvanised steel, a long-lasting material that is also 100% recyclable. The plants, which grow along the grid, are placed in potting soil in a biodegradable coconut planter that decomposes within one to two years. Immediately after installation, the plants take root in full soil. A ready-made hedge not only provides instant privacy, but is also a sustainable garden boundary, encouraging biodiversity and giving a beautiful green result.

Different hedging species

The ready made hedge is available with different types of plants. The most commonly used plant is the ivy: Hedera Helix ‘Woerner’. This evergreen ready-made hedge of ivy is dark green and leafy. But a green hedge of cardinal’s-foot (Euonymus) or hornbeam is also possible. Prefer a ready-made hedge with a bit more colour? Then choose Pyracantha Dart’s Red, a hardy firethorn with red berries or Trachelospermum Jasminoides, with fragrant white flowers.

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Olive willow ready-made hedge

The latest addition is the olive willow ready-made hedge, also known as silverberry or Elaeagnus Ebbingei. Because this plant is wind- and salt-resistant, olive willow ready-made hedges can be placed in coastal areas. Each plant species has its own unique properties, but all Mobilane Ready-To-Grow hedges are hardy.

The ready-grown green hedge is pot grown and pre-cultivated at the nursery so that it is placed fully dense. This immediately creates a green yard boundary and more privacy. A ready-made hedge is always 120 cm wide, but is available in different heights: from a ready-grown hedge 1 metre to as much as 3 metres. This allows you to vary the height for different partitions.

Fixing a ready-made hedge

The ready-grown hedge can be planted all year round, except when it freezes. The hedges can be attached to both iron and wooden posts, using special brackets. This ensures a solid anchoring of the green garden fence. The ready-made hedges can also be placed in separate hardwood containers. This also creates a sense of privacy on a balcony or terrace. You can have the ready-made green hedges installed or install them yourself using the installation advice.

Green hedge an environmentally friendly choice

A green hedge as a partition is a better choice than a fence. Hedges require fewer building materials. In addition, Mobilane instant hedges come in a biodegradable coconut fibre container and are therefore less harmful to the environment. In addition, a green hedge provides shelter, food and living space for insects, birds and other animals. Moreover, unlike a fence, animals such as hedgehogs can easily walk through it. And just like a green facade, a green hedge also traps fine dust and cools during the hot summer period.

All the advantages of a ready-made hedge summarised

  • Instant privacy and a dense green result
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Stimulates biodiversity
  • Contributes to a healthier environment
  • Improves air quality
  • Captures 40% – 60% of fine dust
  • Contributes to the greening of urban areas
  • Available in various heights and plant species
  • Biodegradable coconut fibre container
  • Can be placed all year round, with the exception of the frost period
  • Quality fencing with 10-year guarantee

Maintenance advice for ready-made hedges

A good substrate is essential for a beautiful and dense hedge. The ready-made hedge should be planted in humus-rich soil. No water should remain in the soil and the drainage of the subsoil should be good. Also, the soil should be free of debris, pipes or other foundations that could impede the growth of roots. For the health and growth of the hedge, it is necessary to apply some organic manure every spring. Which type of manure is best depends on the type of hedge or climbing plant.

Watering after planting the green hedge

The ready-made hedge needs some after-care for 2 years after planting to ensure that the plants take root properly and remain beautiful for years. Depending on the planting season, watering should be done regularly during the first year. Except in winter, when no fertilising or watering takes place. After the first year, especially during warm and dry periods, it is necessary to water Kant & Klaar Haag several times. Fertilisation should be started in the spring when the first growth occurs to ensure optimal growth.

Pruning spindle trees

To keep a nice tight green hedge fence, it is desirable to prune once or twice a year (with the exception of the year of planting). The best time to prune is in April/May and September/October. Long branches are best twisted into the grid. If bare spots unexpectedly appear in the ready-made hedge, the tops should be pruned to encourage the sprouting of dormant buds.

Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Netherlands

Natural Hedera hedging screens for veal producer T. Boer & zn.

‘‘We wanted a natural partition with no see-through. The Mobilane Ready-made hedge is easy because you get an instant green result.’’

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Delft, Netherlands

A green tunnel at Delft Campus station

‘‘The instant green hedges provide a natural and green look to the subway. This contributes to the biodiversity and cooling of the Delft Campus station area.’’

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Safe walking routes with ready-made hedges in containers

‘‘In Wandsworth, London, the council has combined a solution to create safety and social distance with a solution to bring nature into the city for a cleaner air and healthier environment.’’

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