What is the return on investment in plants in the office?

5 August 2020

Plants in the office look beautiful and give a homely look to your office. There are increasingly more possibilities to implement greenery in your office such as green room dividers, plant pictures but also vertical gardens with real plants. Why should you invest in plants in your office and what is the return of investment for you as an employer? Below you will find 6 reasons why you should invest in plants in your office.

1. Increase of 20% of the concentration and memory

Plants in the office have a positive influence on employees. The presence of plants contributes to an increasement of 20% of the concentration and memory. Employees do not experience this consciously, this happens unconsciously.

Mobilane LivePanelWhat is the return on investment in plants in the office?

2. 12% less stress

Employees experience more stress because they do not get enough daylight in their working environment. Research has shown that the stress level of the employees is 12% lower when plants are present in the near environment in comparison to no presence of plants.

3. 20% less absenteeism due to sickness

People who have plants in their office call in sick 20% less. This means approximately 1,6 sickness absence days per employee per year. Due to less absenteeism from work due to sickness, the return on investment in plants is earned back fast.

4. 58% less depressed feelings and negative thoughts

Plants stimulate the well-being and state of mind of the employees. With greenery in the working environment, employees are more satisfied with their workplace and own functioning.

5. 15% more productivity and creativity

A green office with different kinds of plants has a homely and atmospheric appearance. Employees feel more relaxed and feel more at ease. Plants in the office contribute to an increasement of 15% of productivity and creativity

6. Space-saving

Plants in the office do take up (needed) space. This can be easily fixed by implementing vertical greenery in your office. Over the past years, vertical green has become the trend when it comes to office interior and it is a good solution when there is a lack of space. Therefore, there is no excuse to not have plants in your office.

Mobilane LivePanel Mobilane LivePanelWhat is the return on investment in plants in the office?

Vertical green

Vertical green is available in different shapes and sizes. For example, there is a plant picture with real plants. The modern frame functions as a water reservoir. You do not need to have green fingers and it is ideal when you tend to forget to water your plants. The plant pictures can go without water for 4-6 weeks! In addition, you also have vertical gardens full of real plants. Plants not only offer a lot of benefits to the health of the employees and improvement to the indoor climate but it is also a huge eyecatcher and will be immediately noticed by the clients. It gives your company a sustainable look and everyone becomes happy because of green, consciously or unconsciously

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