3 working from home tips: a productive (green) workspace

5 August 2020

Working from home tips for a productive and green workspace. Since working from home has become an option, it is important to be responsible and do your tasks well but this is not always easy to do. How do you stay productive while working from home? Three tips below to boost your productivity.

Tip 1: A comfortable workspace

Work in an environment where you find comfortable working in and ensure there is adequate lighting. Research has shown that working in a space with plenty of natural lighting increases productivity. Make sure you maintain a good posture when you work from home. Wrong posture could cause pain to the back and shoulders which could eventually lead to  headaches and neck pain. If it’s possible, create a real workplace for yourself. You can create a special corner at the kitchen table and don’t work from the couch. This way, you can take good care of your body

Tip 2: Fresh air

It is also important to ensure that the indoor air at home is clean. Since we spend majority of the time at home, this does not benefit the air quality. This can lead to headaches. Open the window or door a few times a day. You can also take a short break and go for a walk outside. You will notice that you have energy again to start or continue the tasks you have to do.

Tip 3: a green workspace

Create a green work space! Research has shown that viewing green in your environment makes you happier. In addition, plants provide better humidity in the house. As mentioned in the previous tip, the quality of the indoor climate is not at its best at the moment. An improvement in humidity is therefore certainly beneficial.

A green view is also good for you. Plants in the workspace increases your productivity with 15 to 19%. Plants convert water, sunlight and CO2 into sugars and oxygen. This improves the indoor climate in the home and increases your concentration and productivity. Besides, who doesn’t want to work in a green environment?

Interested in implementing green after reading the working from home tips but don’t you have enough space? Do not worry, there are vertical plant pictures and even complete vertical gardens available. Do you also want a green workspace at home? View the options here. A few examples of green work spaces below.