Meet LiveDivider PLUS

19 July 2021

LiveDivider PLUS is the latest model room divider from Mobilane. This stylish green room divider creates more freedom for the flexible division of spaces to create the preferred privacy and distance while retaining the openness of a room. The modular room divider has a warm, vibrant and sustainable appearance and is suitable for use in waiting rooms and flexible workspaces.

A modular room divider – green and sustainable

LiveDivider PLUS is a unique modular system that allows you to vertically stack one, two or three modules with interchangeable cassettes that serve as planters, including a tank to own preference. This makes the LiveDivider PLUS a very flexible, space-saving room divider to use in any situation.


LiveDivider PLUS 1

LiveDivider PLUS 1 consists of a base module. This module is suitable for dividing small areas such as working desks or low cabinets.

LiveDivider PLUS 1

LiveDivider PLUS 2

LiveDivider PLUS 2 consists of a base module and a PLUS module which makes the LiveDivider PLUS 2 modules high. The LiveDivider PLUS 2 divides space while keeping the sightlines and is suitable for waiting rooms or to create walking routes.

LiveDivider PLUS 2

LiveDivider PLUS 3

LiveDivider PLUS 3  consists of base module and two plus modules which makes the LiveDivider PLUS 3 modules high. The LiveDivider PLUS 3 has the height of a standard room divider. The room divider is suitable as a divider for workspaces, offices, hotels, restaurants or stores.

LiveDivider PLUS 3

A healthy indoor climate by using a green room divider

The plants on both sides of the room divider absorb ambient noise and improve the indoor climate by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutant particles. Plants in the office are important and bring a lot of benefits.

Benefits of plants in the office:
1. Plants in the office improve air quality.
2. Plants in the office improve creativity and productivity and increase the concentration.
3. Plants in the office contributes to a decrease of absenteeism due to illnes of 1.6 working day per person per year.
4. Plants in the office improve the workspace acoustics.

LiveDivider PLUS

Low maintenance

The plants absorb water from an internal water buffering system making use of capillary microfibre fabric. This ensures that plants are constantly supplied with water for four to six weeks. The system works without electricity or batteries.

Where to buy?

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