A green roof on a carport in Murnau with MobiRoof

28 June 2021

A green roof on a carport in Murnau has been realised. Murnau is located in Germany in the foothills of the Alps. The mountain peaks, three lakes and the Upper Bavarian royal castles are immediately visible. In this area, Alexandra and Michael Zapp wanted to realize their dream of the perfect garden and turned to the experts of a popular German ZDF tv-programme “Duell der Gartenprofis”. After inquiring the client about their preferences, two garden designers developed different concepts that could be used as a design for the garden. The Zapp family was impressed by the creative suggestion from garden designer Alexandra Lehne. “The family wanted to structure the garden in a visually exciting way. When it came to the concept, careful use of resources was very important to the family, without losing sight of the design and functionality.”

Green roof with MobiRoof

The design of the newly built carport skilfully takes up the wood paneling of the house and is a perfect visual transition to the landscape throught the green roof. The well-known garden designer decided to green the carport with MobiRoof from Mobilane. MobiRoof is a system of pre-cultivated plant cassettes which is quick and easy to install because of the universal cassette system. It was not necessary to apply a drainage layer. The lightweight cassette system was delivered ready-to-use: planted with a sedum mix of 6-8 different type of sedum and provided with a special substrate for drainage and water storage. The green roof is installed by simply clicking the cassettes into each other.

Mobilane MobiRoof A green roof on a carport in Murnau

Alexandra Lehne about MobiRoof

“MobiRoof convinces me again and again. The green roof looks perfect! Since it needs low maintenance, you don’t have to maintain it. Due to the extensive green roof, the UV rays no longer reach the top of the roof. The sedum cassettes also protect the roof from all other weather conditions. Both support the durability of the roof, ”says Alexandra Lehne.

Benefits of green roofs

An important benefit is that the climate around the house is improved. The plants capture CO2, retain water and ensure cooling when it is hot. Green roofs – especially made of sedum – has a positive effect on extreme temperatures. Professor Hans Joachim Liesecke from the University of Hanover made interesting observations. While the temperature under a roof with gravel goes up to 50 degrees in summer, it is approximately 20 degrees lower with a green roof according to the professor. During Winter it is the other way round. Here, the green roof allows the temperature to drop much less sharply.

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