5 effects of plants on health

14 January 2022

Plants are more and more appreciated. Research shows that plants have a positive influence on health. Plants can, for example, contribute to reducing stress. Read 5 effects of plants on health below:

  1. Plants have a positive effect on mental health
  2. Plants reduce stress
  3. Plants improve the concentration
  4. Plants improve sleeping quality
  5. Plants improve the indoor climate

Mobilane LivePanel PACK 5 effects of plants on health

Good for mental health

Mental health is very important. Taking care of your mental health starts by eating healthy, having enough exercise and taking enough rest. Did you know that plants also contribute to your mental health? View on greenery boosts productivity, attention span and memory. Especially during these times, since we spend most of our time indoors, it takes a toll on mental health. Plants are a good solution to this.

Less stress through green

Building on the previous effect, plants ensure that people experience less stress. This is caused by the pleasant appearance of plants. The green colour is associated with hope and renewal. Therefore, plants have a calming effect. People who are surrounded by greenery have lower blood pressure and feel more relaxed and happy. Having a view on plants contributes to reducing stress.

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Improves concentration

Research shows that plants improve one’s concentration. Having a view on plants has a restorative effect. The attention muscle recharges which will make you feel less tired. Therefore, having plants near you will help you to improve your concentration and focus.

Improves sleeping quality

Plants in the bedroom ensure improved sleeping quality. As mentioned earlier, plants have a soothing look. In a bedroom where someone wants to relax, plants contribute to this. In addition, plants have an air-purifying effect. Unpleasant odors are captured by the leaves of the plants and produce oxygen. This promotes better sleep. Opt for plants such as Aloe Vera, Lavender and Peace Lily.

Mobilane 5 effects of plants on health

Improved indoor climate

Not only in the bedroom but also in other rooms plants contribute to improving the indoor climate. Plants capture harmful substances such as CO2 and produce oxygen. Do you smoke at home? Plants are also a good solution to this. Plants filter the toxic substances in the cigarette smoke and ensure cleaner air inside the home.

In conclusion, plants have a lot of positive effects on health. Plants contribute to reducing stress and improving concentration. After reading the 5 effects of plants on health interested in getting plants but not enough space? Have a look at the plant picture LivePicture GO or green wall LivePanel PACK for a stylish and innovative solution for your home.