A lightweight green roof

16 December 2021

A lightweight green roof is important when this is installed on the roof of a building. The roof construction has to be able to bear the weight of the green roof. For this, different types of green roofs exist. A ready-to-use solution is the MobiRoof ECO green roof system. Read further why a lightweight green roof is important and which solution MobiRoof ECO offers.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO lightweight sedum roof

Why a lightweight sedum roof?

When choosing a green roof, you have to take into account the weight of the green roof system. A sedum roof does not only consist of Sedum, but also a substrate layer. This substrate layer ensures, next to the function of growth medium, drainage and storage of water. Saturated with water, the weight of the green roof increases. A roof construction should therefore be strong enough to bear the weight. Before installing a green roof, always ensure that the roof construction is strong enough. Next, it is advised to opt for a lightweight sedum roof system so the total weight on the roof is also limited.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO lightweight green roof

MobiRoof ECO: a ready-to-use green roof system

An example of a lightweight green roof system is the Mobilane MobiRoof ECO. MobiRoof ECO is a ready-to-use green roof system that consists of sedum cassettes. It is directly applicable to flat or slightly sloping roofs. The MobiRoof ECO cassette is filled with substrate and 6 – 8 different types of Sedum. The weight of a MobiRoof ECO cassette is approximately 38 kg per m² when dry and approximately 58 kg per m² when completely saturated with water. MobiRoof ECO is fast and easy to install by simply placing the sedum cassettes against each other. In no time, a green roof is realised.

The weight is therefore very important when installing a green roof. Interested in the lightweight green roof system from Mobilane? Have a look at our where-to-buy page to find a stockist near you.