A green, sustainable and healthy office environment for a happy workforce

Businesses and organisations are searching for a healthier working environment, with plants and the presence of nature in our offices. This more often means adding more plants, using more sustainable materials or considering environmentally-considerate options in break-out and communal areas. Having more greenery and natural elements in the workplace not only looks attractive, it contributes to a healthy environment and has a positive effect on the general well-being of the employees.

Sufficient privacy and still connected

How do you ensure a sense of privacy in the office, without colleagues immediately being completely isolated from one another? The LiveDivider PLUS is increasingly used as a partition between desks and to create distance in rooms in a sustainable way. A quick way to create subspace is by placing LiveDivider PLUS between workstations. LiveDivider PLUS is a modular and green room divider. The room divider is used to divide an open space, while maintaining its open character. With its metal frame and solid base, just the base of the LiveDivider PLUS is a picture in itself. The frame is filled with six interchangeable plant cassettes on both sides.

Mobilane LivePanel groene wanden kantoren

The LiveDivider PLUS can also be used as a route marker or to help screen in meeting rooms, canteens, auditoriums or other public meeting areas within the building to create safe distances between employees. Read more about the LiveDivider PLUS.

Case Studies

With the LiveDivider PLUS, different styles can be realised, such as modern, botanical, industrial, bohemian and rural. Both for an urban jungle look at the office and a more corporate look like in this office building on the IJ in Amsterdam, the natural and living room divider is a handy and quick solution.

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A healthy office

The air quality in buildings is often poor, as many people co-exist in a relatively small space. Poor air quality is added to by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from printers, copiers or carpets in offices. In addition, climate and ventilation systems are often not cleaned regularly or properly.

Indoor air quality is important for healthy offices. Plants can be used in buildings to help clean the air. Their air-purifying properties lead to a cleaner air and healthy working environment and reduces the prevalence of health complaints such as headache, fatigue, sore or dry throat, eye irritation, coughing and dry skin.

More green, less stress

The feelings of stress and pressures are higher than ever in the workplace. According to research by TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), the percentage of people with work-related burnout has risen from 11% to 16% in the past ten years. Stress and an inability to concentrate in the workplace are often given as a reason. Placing planted walls or living artwork in the workspace is a sustainable way of achieving this. Plants have been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Higher productivity

Greenery has a positive effect on attracting employees. Where plants are present in an office space, productivity is 15% higher than in those without plants. Plants help increase turnover and reduce absenteeism. Employees take, on average, 1.6 days less off sick when they have plants in their office than those without.



Space-saving greenery in the office

The use of large planters in offices is often hampered by a lack of office space and the need to maximise its cost-effectiveness. A smart solution to this problem is vertical greenery. Mobilane's innovative and sustainable green systems take up little space, contribute to sustainable and healthy buildings and achieve certifications such as BREAAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), WELL (monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being) and the SDGs (Sustainable Developments Goal) of a company.

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Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is an approach to architecture that connects the user of a building more closely with nature. Since we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, it is imperative to bring natural elements in and create environments that refer to nature in both clear and subtle ways. The most obvious and visual principle of Biophilic Design is the application of greenery in an indoor space.

Mobilane LivePanel groene wanden kantoren

Durham North Carolina, United States

Eco-friendly company adds green living wall to reflect their natural philosophy

‘‘Wowing visitors in the interior of their main reception area as the building undergoes renovations, it is one of the first things any visitor will spy upon entrance. The green living wall is a natural extension of the company’s own ethos, marketing natural products for personal care, health and beauty’’

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