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The importance and value of sustainable, future-proofed building and landscape design is increasing across the globe. Planting and the green environment plays a vital part in this. To maximise the impact of planting and soft landscaping, their inclusion in the landscape and built environment designs is imperative from the earliest stage. Why and how do you successfully include green elements in your design? What are the benefits of planting in a design? Mobilane outlines the possibilities and the important factors to consider from the design process, to installation, to maintenance.

From the drawing board to installation and maintenance on site

Mobilane has its own technical experts within its team. Specialist in green walls and roofs, they understand the critical elements within the process, including the location, the technical requirements for irrigation, the measurements and calculations and plant choice and can advise on the practical and logistical elements of the installation and any ongoing maintenance.
From a complex design to the first consideration of introducing a green roof, screen or living wall into your plans – we’re with you along the way, ready to share our knowledge.


Green architecture

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Sustainable and healthy building

Mobilane’s indoor products such as the LivePanel system, LivePictures and LiveDivider contribute to a sustainable and healthy indoor environment. Plants are used in new construction and renovation projects as well as in existing buildings, benefiting employees, homeowners and visitors alike. BREEAM certifications are given to buildings with high sustainable performance; in their designs, their materials used and the healthy impact they have on the environment and people. Mobilane products contribute to the points required to achieve a BREAAM certificate for a building and help to ensure a consistently healthy, green and sustainable environment.

Embracing nature in building design

A sustainable design takes account of the surrounding natural landscape, its conservation priorities and the potential for biodiversity. Biodiversity ensures clean water, fertile greenery and a stable climate. Nature-inclusive building is important in urban and rural areas. There are different options to suit different planes, locations and available space. Green facades and green roofs are good examples and easy to include, install and maintain and maintain. By designing and building to include green space, a landscape architect can achieve unity and balance between the green and the grey infrastructure.

Mobilane LivePanel groene gevel

Urban heat island effect

Green building and nature-inclusive construction disciplines start to address the increasing Urban Heat Island effect prevalent across the built environment. An urban heat island is an inner-city area with a considerably higher temperature than its surroundings, primarily caused by the population density, traffic, industrial emissions and a lack of green space and planting to offset this. The resulting temperature increase can be up to 7 degrees. City environments need means of cooling to effectively combat the changes in climate. Designing with the urban climate in mind is imperative to futureproof our cities. The use planting and landscaping in the environment provides cooling. Planting trees and shrubs, creating natural barriers, green roofs and green building surfaces add to the available natural design options. Climate adaptive design contributes to the governmental ambitions to make British urban areas climate-proof and sustainable in terms of long term heat and water effects.


Innovative and reliable systems

With innovative and reliable systems and specifications at your fingertips, it is simple to add green elements into your design. Mobilane products are sustainably grown and densely planted for instant greenery impact upon delivery. The innovative ready-to-use systems make installation and maintenance easy. All products are available as AutoCAD drawings, with 3D BIM models soon to be added, making it easy to include the products to the design. Click here for downloads.


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LivePanel Outdoor

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Green facades

A simple effective method of adding planted elements to your nature-inclusive building designs is by specifying green facades. With a lush green living wall, the property gains an instant element of added value. Green facades can be placed against both existing and new walls. Choose planting types for colour, theme and environmental contribution, stimulating biodiversity and improving air quality through the foliage’s absorption of pollutants and particulate matter. Read more.

Green roofs

A simple and sustainable way to bring greenery to a building is with an extensive roof. A smart green roof option uses sedum cassettes – quick and effective, this closed vegetation roof system creates a ready-made green roof with insulating effects and natural beauty, all in one. Read more.

Living Walls

An creative and space-saving way to add greenery to the design of sustainable buildings is with living walls, or green walls. Increasingly, architects, specifiers and clients appreciate the importance, flexibility and convenience of green walls. Their popularity is partly due to the known positive effects of plants in living, working and learning environments. Read more. 

LivePanel – imaginative vertical greenery

LivePanel is an innovative system for vertical greenery, developed and patented by Mobilane. The unique modular system consists of several wall-mounted water gutters and plant cassettes available within a frame. The system can be installed against both new and existing walls and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Read more about LivePanel Indoor or LivePanel Outdoor.

  • Manual watering or a centrally controlled watering system
  • Space-saving and slim system
  • Modular system for indoors and outdoors
  • Creative freedom in design and choice of plants
  • Easily change cassettes and plants
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Fully recyclable
  • Low maintenance
WallPlanter – green facade with hedges

Mobilane has been leading the way in living green screens, growing and supplying the Mobilane Green Screens into green building projects since 2002. The WallPlanter system was a natural extension of the Green Screen capabilities – a sustainable system for wall-mounted green facades, ideal for existing and new buildings. The system consists of specially developed boxes with fully established hedge screens, attached to a building’s facade with a supporting system, creating a natural appearance for the building. Read more about WallPlanter.

  • Unique green facade system, launched in 2002
  • Fully recyclable
  • Low water consumption
  • Increases in property value
  • Adds aesthetic value
  • Insulating effect
  • Low maintenance
  • Foliage absorption of harmful air pollutants
  • Stimulates biodiversity

MobiRoof consists of a plant cassette filled with substrate and 6-8 different types of sedum. The cassettes are simply clicked together, immediately creating a green roof. MobiRoof is suitable for flat roofs and roofs with a slope angle of up to 10 degrees (20%) and can be replaced and updated easily. Read more about MobiRoof.

  • Installed directly on roofing
  • Collection and buffering of rainwater
  • Increases biodiversity
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainably certified
  • Fully recyclable
  • Insulating and soundproofing effect
  • Extends the life of the roof

Laakdal Belgium

The greatest green facade in Europe

‘‘The world’s largest manufacturer of sports shoes opened their new European distribution centre in the Belgian municipality of Laakdal with the greatest green facade in Europe.’’

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