10 benefits of a green roof

3 November 2021

The benefits of a green roof are endless. Green roofs are increasingly implemented on both flat roofs as well as slightly sloping roofs. A green roof is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also has many benefits. Read below the benefits of a green roof:

    1. Absorbs rainwater
    2. Contributes to biodiversity
    3. Purifies air
    4. Extends the lifespan of a roof
    5. Increases property value
    6. Reduces temperature
    7. Increases solar panels efficiency
    8. Reduces noise both inside and outside
    9. Requires low maintenance
    10. Easy to install

Absorbs rainwater

A green roof absorbs rainwater. The substrate layer in a green roof retains and buffers rainwater. A part of the rainwater also evaporates. Since the sedum roof absorbs water, a peak load on the sewer is also prevented. Heavy rainfall due to climate change is occurring more often. A green roof is, therefore, a good solution for this.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO groen balcony

Contributes to biodiversity

A green roof stimulates biodiversity in the near environment. Sedum roofs attract insects such as bees, butterflies hoverflies, beetles but also birds. Bees contribute to cross-pollination and increase biodiversity. Especially in areas where greenery is not present, green roofs can help to stimulate biodiversity.

Purifies air

A sedum roof purifies air since the plants in a green roof capture particulate matter. The plants in a green roof also convert CO2 into oxygen. With a green roof, the air quality is easily improved since Sedum ensures cleaner air.

Extends the lifespan of a roof

Another benefit of a green roof is that it protects from weather influences such as rain, wind and sun. By placing a green roof, UV radiation does not reach the roofing anymore. This way, the life span of the roofing material is extended and a roof lasts 2 or 3 times longer.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO benefits of a green roof 2

Increases property value

One of the benefits of a green roof is that it has an insulating effect. A green roof warms up less fast in the summer than a regular roof. This way you can save on energy costs. The insulating effect, a sustainable and natural appearance and extended life span of the roof contribute to an increase of the property value.

Reduces temperature

In urban areas where greenery is not present in abundance, the heat island effect occurs. The temperate in urban areas is higher than in the surrounding countryside. Cities and roads absorb UV radiation and re-radiate it as heat. Cooling down the environment is therefore not possible. Plants in a sedum roof absorb sunlight by 50% and reduce the ambient temperature.

Increases solar panels efficiency

Solar panels on houses are becoming more and more popular. As mentioned before, green roofs contribute to reducing the temperature. As a consequence, the roof cools down and the efficiency of solar panels is higher. With a green roof, the efficiency of solar panels is increased and energy costs are reduced.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO green roof on a balcony

Reduces noise both inside and outside

Not only does a green roof absorb sunlight, but it also absorbs noise. A green roof has therefore a sound-absorbing effect on the environmental noise. The sound-absorbing effect is not only experienced outside but inside it can also be noticed that noise is noticeably reduced. This is useful in busy urban areas.

Requires low maintenance

A green roof also has the benefit that it requires low maintenance. Maintenance work is required once or twice a year which consists of general checks, fertilization and dead-heading flowers. One can enjoy a green roof without a lot of maintenance.

Easy to install

Another additional benefit of a green roof is that it is easy to install. There are ready-to-use green roof systems that can be installed fast and easily. A green roof is immediately realised.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO green roof easy to install

In conclusion, green roofs have many benefits. Flat and unused roofs can be used in a multifunctional way with a green roof. Interested in a green roof? Have a look at the ready-to-use green roof system from Mobilane.