Alternatives for a moss wall

12 May 2022

Moss walls are very popular at the moment, and there are some good reasons for those walls to be as in demand as they are. A moss wall, or living wall for that matter, can be placed in pretty much any building. It does not matter whether it’s in a school, bedroom, bathroom, or office. A moss wall probably suits your needs. This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of a moss wall. On top of that, we will also talk about an alternative for moss which may interest you even more.


There are a few advantages to moss walls, first of all, a moss wall is made from materials that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. This means a moss wall is a sustainable option. The green moss walls also do help with controlling the humidity in a room, for it absorbs moisture from the air. Moss walls, and other living walls alike, have the unique ability to create green elements in a room whilst not really using up any valuable space.


A moss wall might sound very attractive now, however, there are a few disadvantages. A moss wall is not truly ‘’alive’’. The wall requires treatments to retain its natural appearance and outspoken colors. These treatments can become expensive over time. These walls also do not generate as much oxygen and bring as many health benefits as other types of living walls do.

Mobilane LivePanel Outdoor alternative moss wall



There are multiple alternatives for a moss wall, the alternatives are based on different vegetation and different systems to build up a wall. First of all, when we look at vegetation, we can see that the moss wall actually is not technically alive. However, a plant wall is. This could for example be a LivePanel Indoor or a MobiPanel. Both of these products come with real and living plants. When going for either a LivePanel or MobiPanel you get to choose from well over twenty different types of vegetation. These different vegetation types can also be combined into a beautiful mixture. This way you get a colorful sensation you can only dream about creating with moss.