10 benefits of houseplants in the home

5 June 2020

It’s no surprise that plants are good for us.  But what do they really do? And how can that make your home life a healthier, happier place? We’ve 10 reasons for having more plants in your home right here!

1. Plants reduce stress

Research has shown that having plants in your home reduces stress. Being able to see the greenery of plants around you has a calming effect, lowering blood pressure and consequently making you feel more relaxed and ultimately, happier.

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2. Plants in the home can fend off a blocked nose

Simply having plants around your living space can help reduce your chance of catching colds and having a stuffy nose by up to 30%. Plants do this as their foliage increases the humidity and removes airborne dust particles. Not to be sneezed at, quite literally.

3. Plants have air-cleaning qualities around the home

Plants not only collect dust particles, but they also break down harmful substances in the atmosphere. Among other things, they reduce carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. Healthy humidity also improves the quality of the air in your house. A study by NASA shows that types of plants such as Epipremnum and Spathiphyllum are especially talented air-purifying plants.

Mobilane LivePicture GO 10 Benefits of plants in home


4. Plants help prevent allergies

Do you have young children? Then the presence of houseplants is an extra consideration when it comes to health and well-being. Children with plants in their family home from an early age have a lower risk of allergies.

5. Plants combat cigarette smoke

Plants filter the toxins that are in cigarette smoke. Do you have a smoker at home? Then the Spathiphyllum, more popularly known as the Peace Lily plant, is a good choice. These plants are an effective and natural way to get rid of cigarette smoke odours and pollutants.

6. Plants improve the acoustics in the house

The leaves of plants can absorb background noise, improving the acoustics in your home. Moving to a new house or having a home office? Definitely worth considering adding a selection of plants to help create a quieter living and workspace.

Mobilane LivePicture GO 10 Benefits of plants in home


7. Plants ensure a good night’s sleep

Do you have difficulty falling asleep or do you often wake up at night? Air-purifying house plants create a better air climate in your bedroom and generate more oxygen. As well as their beauty and soothing powers, plants help you sleep better. Consider plants near or on the wall above your bed – a LivePicture Go would be perfect (and add a little plant artistry, too!) – for a better night’s sleep.

Mobilane LivePicture GO 10 Benefits of plants in home


8. Plants can help improve your mood

Research shows that plants help to combat depression. Plants ensure a better state of mind, providing positive energy and an augmented sense of happiness.

9. Plants reduce the risk of headaches

The air-purifying property of plants can also counter headaches. Researchers discovered that plants can help remove Benzene, Trichloroethylene and Formaldehyde from the air. Formaldehyde, a common cause of headaches, is a gas that is used in the production of leather and some carpets and can be present in any indoor environment.

10. Plants help you focus

Cleaner air, a better state of mind and a healthier environment. The knock-on effect of this greener living space is plants’ ability to improve concentration and focus, particularly important if your home is also your workspace. The mere presence of plants near your workspace can help your attention space, particularly when studying or working from home. Simply having a natural, green backdrop in your working environment has been found to have a restorative effect. Your “attention muscles” can recharge, helping you stay more alert and fending off tiredness. Do you regularly work from home? Have plants on, behind or above your desk and head for a more productive workday. Take a look at some other green solutions.

Mobilane LivePicture GO 10 Benefits of plants in home