Living wall in brand new BREEAM Outstanding office pavilion connects floors in natural way

  • LivePanel

The office building at Walborg 2 in Amsterdam is focused on the future and is therefore proven sustainable in every respect. For example, there are climate ceilings, incorporating all installations such as heating, cooling and ventilation. The building is gas-free and the roof is fully equipped with solar panels, making it energy-efficient. A spacious inner garden has been built, with the living green wall covering the three office floors as a major eye-catcher. 

LivePanel living wall connects floors

The sustainable character of the building is accentuated with greenery on the work floor to create an even more pleasant indoor climate. For example, a LivePanel green wall in the office building frames the stairs, thus connecting the three office floors. Martijn Wijnstra, Architect at Building Design: “We worked with various materials that appear a bit rough, such as steel and ceramics. We deliberately wanted to add some natural elements, for the balance. Of course, a green wall also serves an aesthetic purpose. The living plant wall gives a beautiful atmosphere when you walk into the entrance of Walborg 2.”

Green wall with automated irrigation system

The LivePanel system is a green wall with interchangeable plant cassettes. The plants get their water and nutrients from the gutter profile in which they are placed. This gutter profile also serves as a water reservoir. Because of the easy, lightweight system, the project was installed quickly. The living plant wall, which covers 26 m2, is watered by an automatic irrigation system. A skylight in the roof allows the plants to get plenty of daylight.
Wijnstra: “The LivePanel system was advised to us by the team from Aarts Bouw. The system is easy to use. Our requirement was that an irrigation system could be connected to it. Also, we wanted all the right technical data for this. That all turned out to be possible with this system.”

Sustainably built and in connection with its surroundings

In 2021, Aarts Bouw started the construction of this timeless office building, which fits perfectly within the environment of modern office buildings in the Buitenveldert district and the nature of the Amsterdamse Bos. Light, air and space have been taken into account; the pillars of the urban design idea of the 1935 General Extension Plan (AUP) . The design of this 100% climate-neutral building is by Architectenbureau Building Design and is managed by Stevaco real estate.

Benefits of living greenery in workspaces

Various studies on the perfect working environment show that plants have a positive impact on the indoor climate of offices and the physical and mental health of employees. For example, with enough plants in a room, there is always an excellent indoor climate and healthy humidity, according to Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Plants also have a sound-damping effect and save space. People describe their workplace as more attractive and, in addition, their mood improves. Walborg’s developers knew this and have therefore made use of it in the public spaces of the office building.

BREEAM-NL ‘Outstanding’ certification

The property has the highest achievable sustainability rating: BREEAM Outstanding. This sustainability rating, according to the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, means that the building has minimal impact on the environment. From design to delivery and occupation, a BREEAM-NL expert is involved in the project to assess issues such as waste, use of materials, organisation, etc. BREEAM-NL and critical BREEAM credits are part of the work throughout the project.

Client: Stevaco Vastgoed
Contractor: Aarts Bouw
Architect: Building Design
Project realisation: 2022 / 2023
Installation living walls: Mobicare