Why is a green roof a smart investment?

4 June 2020

The popularity of sedum green roofs is increasing – and there’s more than one reason for that. As well as the beauty a naturally planted green roof brings, there are a whole host of economic and environmental benefits too.

1.  A green roof extends the lifespan of your roof

Simply put:  a green roof is a protected roof – protected against heat, sunlight, UV radiation, extreme hail and rain showers. Research shows that the lifespan of a roof can be extended by 20 to 30 years with the addition of a sedum layer.

2. A green roof conserves energy

A green roof has an insulating effect which ensures that less energy is lost from the building it protects. The implications? In winter, less energy is needed to heat a building or room and in summer it stays cooler for longer.  Win-win!

3. A green roof helps solar panels work more 

As we see more and more buildings and homes being equipped with solar panels, the green roof is the perfect ally.  Thanks to green roofs, solar panels work more efficiently. At temperatures above 25 degrees, solar panels cease working efficiently.  Due to the cooling effects of a green roof, these heightened temperatures are exceeded less often, reducing disruption of the solar panel’s optimal performance.

4. Increase the value of real estate

A green sedum roof increases the value of the property. This applies to all types of real estate such as offices, homes and construction. The natural and sustainable appearance, the insulating effect that results in less energy being lost and the increase in the lifespan of the roof, among other things, increase the value of the property.

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