WELL certification ensures that people’s well-being is a building standard

15 June 2020

Sustainability certificates are important in measuring the value of a building. Without a sustainability certificate, a property becomes less appealing to potential real estate investors. Recognised worldwide, certification, standards and principles such as LEED and BREEAM help attribute environmental impacts and criteria in a building’s specification.The WELL Building Standard is a new international standard that takes these a step further.  Focused on the health and well-being of the people who operate, live and work within the built environment, this new standard has been developed by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).

What is the WELL Building Standard?

The WELL Building Standard takes sustainability a little further than the consideration of energy, water and waste. The demand for a healthy and comfortable built environment is growing. The Well Building Standard takes people as a starting point and makes health factors not only more visible and tangible, but more measurable.  The standard sets out how to achieve a healthier living, working and existing space within buildings.  WELL certification is the first and only certification system specifically focused in this way.

WELL has 11 themes that promote health in buildings: Air, Water, Food, Light, Movement, Temperature, Sound, Materials, Mental Health, Social Health and Innovation. The level of certification is determined by the number of those themes that are considered and enhanced and can be designated as Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Mobilane WELL certification

Why choose a WELL certification?

The concepts that make up the WELL Building Standard are aimed at the health and well-being of the employee. Healthy, satisfied employees perform better and make fewer errors, which means increased productivity and lower absenteeism. It also increases the appeal and distinctiveness of an organisation and makes it more attractive for potential employees and customers. WELL certification reinvents the importance of the workplace with the people and not the building itself at its epicentre.

Green products from Mobilane

The quality of an indoor climate has a proven positive effect on the well-being, health and productivity of employees. The interior products of Mobilane can contribute to improving an indoor climate and will contribute positively when attaining a WELL certification.

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