Green Screen in the Spotlight: Euonymus

27 July 2023

Every month we highlight a Green Screen from our range. this month we present Euonymus fortunei ‘Dart’s Blanket’. A Euonymus instant Green Screen is an excellent choice for both private gardens and commercial landscapes. This hedge offers instant privacy, has a beautiful green look and requires little maintenance.

Graceful green appearance

Euonymus hedge, also known as cardinal’s hat, is known for its glossy, leathery, oval leaves and graceful growth habit. With its deep green leaf colour, it adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any outdoor space. Euonymus Dart’s Blanket is a hardy species, making the hedge also resistant to disease.

Green Screen Euonymus Mobilane Garden

Limited maintenance

A Euonymus ready-made Green Screen is designed for convenience and requires limited maintenance. The species grows slower than Hedera, for example, but therefore requires less pruning. Since the Green Screen is already fully grown at the time of purchase, the full benefits can be experienced immediately. The Euonymus instant hedge needs sufficient water and nutrients and can be pruned occasionally to maintain the desired shape and density. This makes the species ideal as a low-maintenance option.

Weather resistance

Euonymus hedge plants are known for their ability to withstand different weather conditions. They are (semi)evergreen and hardy and can tolerate different temperatures, drought and wind well. In autumn, the leaves of Euonymus first turn orange-bronze and then change to purple-red. This creates a beautiful autumn scene in the garden. The hedge will grow in any soil type and can be placed in full sun, semi-shade or even shade. Euonymus is air pollution-tolerant and also works well as a coastal plant because of its sea wind resistance.

Green Screen Euonymus Mobilane

Flexible application options

A Euonymus ready-made Green Screen can be used in various ways. The hedge can serve as a yard boundary, as a lively and decorative element along a footpath or as an attractive separation between different parts of a garden or business park. The flexibility of the hedge allows outdoor spaces to be designed in different ways. Read more options here. A Euonymus Ready-made hedge offers numerous advantages. With its durable , the hedge is a great choice for those looking for a beautiful, functional and low-maintenance green fence.