A cool and climate-friendly garden with the Mobilane Green Screen

14 June 2023

The Mobilane Green Screen ready-made hedge is a simple and space-saving way to add instant greenery in the garden. The natural product is very climate-friendly. Read more about the many benefits of installing a Green Screen in the garden below.

A fully grown and dense fence

The Mobilane Green Screen is a fully grown instant hedge that can be used as a yard boundary or fence in any garden. This hedge is completely covered with plants on both sides, making it a climate-friendly alternative to the classic fence. Different plant varieties are available, like flowering or non-flowering, and in various heights ranging from 1 metre to 3 metres.

Easy to install

The metal grid in the Green Screen ensures that the garden is impenetrable. At the bottom, the grid is bent, and covered with coconut cloth in which the roots grow. This ensures that the hedges can be planted with ease, without damaging the roots. The hedges are easy to lift and place in a trench in the ground. In time, the coconut material dissolves and the roots grow further in the ground.

Climate-friendly garden with Mobilane Green Screen

The Green Screen is available in different plant species, each with its own characteristics and benefits. A climate-friendly garden contributes to biodiversity. The screens not only provide shelter and nesting opportunities for animals such as birds and insects like butterflies, they also provide food. For instance, the flowers of Jasmine and Pyracantha hedges are very popular with bees and butterflies. The berries of Hedera and Pyracantha, on the other hand, provide food for birds. Hedgehogs also find a nice hiding and overwintering place under the hedge.

Cleaner air in the garden with the Mobilane Green Screen

Plants contribute to clean air. Not only do they provide oxygen, some also purify the air. The Hedera helix Woerner hedge in particular has this property. Per m2, a Kant & Klaar Haag Hedera helix Woerner captures about 6 grams of fine dust per year, according to the Dutch Royal Association of Landscapers and Gardeners. This is especially beneficial if you live in the city, or close to an industrial area. Fine dust is trapped by the Kant & Klaar Haag hedera helix woerner on the outside of the leaves and thus captured.

A cool garden in summer with the instant hedge

Dry summers and rising temperatures are not only felt in inner cities; gardens are also getting hotter. Plants in a climate-friendly garden contribute to a cooling effect. After all, plants heat up less quickly than stones. By evaporating through their leaves, plants cool down. In this way, they keep themselves, and their surroundings, cool. A cooler environment is a more pleasant place to be. Ready-made hedges also provide shade. Especially as a fence, they cool better than hard fences. So planting enough greenery can save a few degrees and thus helps creating a climate-friendly garden.

Sustainably produced ready-made hedge

The Mobilane Ready-To-Grow hedge is the most sustainable Ready-To-Grow hedge. The hedges are grown in the Netherlands according to ‘On the Way to Planet Proof’ certification. This means that this sustainable production process takes account of people, the environment and animals. Mobilane works with different climate zones in the greenhouses, so no energy is wasted. The climate zones for the young plants are heated with energy from a sustainable energy mix via a collective energy cluster. To water the hedges, Mobilane uses rainwater collected from a collective pond and in the greenhouses they use biological control.

 Three tips for a climate-friendly garden with the Mobilane Green Screen

The Green Screen can be used not only as a green property fence but also in other creative ways in the garden, or on the balcony.

1. Hiding the bins

Putting rubbish bins behind a ready-made hedge is a convenient and natural way to get them out of sight. The greenery covers the containers, making them barely visible when you are eating outside, for example.

2. Greening up the shed façade

That dull, grey wall or bare shed façade is easy to green up with the Green Screens. Place them in the ground directly against the wall and you will easily create a green and climate-friendly façade.

3. Turning your balcony into a garden

Don’t forget the balcony. The instant Green Screen not only adds a garden atmosphere to your balcony but also provides a natural way of privacy. Place the hedge in a spacious container and thus contribute to a climate-friendly balcony and more greenery in the city.

Green roof with sedum

Another way to easily contribute to a climate-proof garden without giving up space is to apply a green sedum roof. The lightweight MobiRoof ECO sedum cassettes can be used on almost any flat roof and offer many advantages, such as water retention and cooling in summer. In some countries, you even get a subsidy for it.