MobiPanel nominated for BouwBeurs Awards 2023

5 January 2023

Mobilane has been nominated for the ‘Bouwbeurs Awards’ (Construction fair awards) 2023 with its MobiPanel green façade, within the Circularity category.  This a great honour for the company, which stands for innovation and renewal in a sustainable way within the green sector. Circularity involves thinking carefully about the next life of a product or its components during the production process. The goal of circularity is to strive for a world without waste. MobiPanel is a unique modular green façade system, specially developed to make future-proof and sustainable building even more accessible.

The BouwBeurs Awards

BouwBeurs is the most comprehensive trade fair for the construction industry in the Netherlands. It takes place at the Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs and here exhibitors showcase the latest products, solutions, applications, techniques, innovations and services in the construction industry. The organisers of the fair masterminded the BouwBeurs Awards to raise awareness of innovations within the industry. The judges evaluated the entries on sustainability, innovation and scalability. These were then divided into one of three categories: Circularity, Smart & Efficient or Craftsmen’s Business. Mobilane’s Mobipanel is one of the three nominees within the Circularity category. The public will also have the opportunity to vote. Based on these votes, a separate public prize will be awarded in addition to the jury prize.

MobiPanel green facade system nominated for BouwBeurs Awards

MobiPanel is lightweight, water-efficient, fully recyclable and reusable, and it meets fire class B-s2, d0. The green wall system is suitable for flat and round surfaces and for different types of facades, including certain types of sandwich panels. An automated irrigation and drainage system ensures a balanced water supply and efficient water use in the green facade. The plants absorb water from the internal water buffer via a capillary microfibre cloth. This keeps the wall in good condition for years.|
On the choice of MobiPanel, the jury said among other things: “A major objection to greenery on buildings, the jury finds, is the high weight. In practice, the high weight requires a considerable amount of concrete to support it, which affects its durability. Lightweight systems like Mobilane’s can offer a solution. The lower weight means less concrete is needed, which increases the sustainable nature of the solution. Greenery in the built environment provides an attractive appearance, better liveability, biodiversity and health.”

Mobilane MobiPanel Essenza

Circularity and sustainability at Bouwbeurs 2023

Within the past two years, trends within construction have changed enormously. For example, there is a lot of focus on circularity this year. It is therefore no surprise that it is one of the categories of the BouwBeurs Awards 2023. Where circularity was mainly an objective and topic of discussion a few years ago, you can now see circularity reflected in various innovations on the exhibition floor. The jury also saw a strong focus on sustainability, efficiency, scalability and future-proofing in the entries. “The entries are in line with the trends that the construction industry will face in the coming year,” the jury said. Visitors of the BouwBeurs can see all nominations on the exhibition floor. The jury will announce the winners on the first day of the fair on 6 February 2023. Click here to cast a vote.