EU Green Week 2021: zero pollution with Mobilane

31 May 2021

It’s the EU Green Week 2021 from the 31st of May until the 4th of June, an initiative of the European Commission to reflect on the climate and environment changes. Zero Pollution Ambition is one of the key actions of the European Green Deal for Spring 2021 and this time, the EU Green Week 2021 has been dedicated to the Zero Pollution Ambition.

Zero Pollution Ambition EU Green Week

Pollution is one of the factors that affects everybody. The air we breathe is for example of great importance for the existence of humans. Air pollution is one of returning aspects on the political agenda as part of the climate change. It is therefore the goal of the EU Green Week to reduce and prevent (further) pollution. Mobilane products offer good solutions against pollution.

LivePanel Outdoor green walls against pollution

The LivePanel Outdoor green walls can be used against air pollution. Emissions such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds from urban traffic and industry are harmful to health and environment. Green walls can contribute here. The green walls are planted with real plants and have an air-purifying effect. Green walls are therefore able to capture air pollutants. The air can be purified in a simple and natural way and the air quality is also improved.

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Green Screens against air pollution EU Green Week

Research has shown that the Green Screens from Mobilane are able to capture Particle pollution. Particle pollution (PM10) is a mixture of solids and liquids floating in the air. These particles can be directly released from specific sources, but it can also form in complicated chemical reactions in the atmosphere. The particles can go inside the lungs and can potentially cause serious health problems. The Green Screens from Mobilane are capable of capturing particle pollution up to 40-60% and contribute to air pollution reduction.

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MobiRoof green roof against air pollution

The MobiRoof ready-to-use green roof system can also be implemented against pollution. The plants in the sedum roof are capable of capturing finedust and therefore contritbutes air pollution reduction. Because of the climate change, the frequency and the intensity of rain is increasing which leads to a peakload on the sewer. A green roof retains rainwater and therefore can be used here. Green roofs also stimulate biodiversity. This is important since pollution is one of the main reasons for the loss of biodiversity.

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Mobilane and EU Green Week

Do you also want to help with reducing air pollution? Go to the contact page for more information about the green walls, Green Screens or green roofs.