Benefits of green fences in the garden

7 June 2021

The benefits of green fences in the garden are endless. The fence is one of the most important aspects when one wants to design the garden. People want a fence which lasts long and has low maintenance. Mostly, the preference goes to wood fences, but did you ever give a thought to choosing a green and sustainable fence? Read  6 benefits of green fences below:

  1. Green fences provide instant privacy
  2. Green fences are fast and easy to install
  3. Green fences require little maintenance
  4. Green fences are sustainable
  5. Green fences provide a healthier environment
  6. Green fences contributes to biodiversity

Benefits of green fences in the garden 1

Green fences provide instant privacy

Various factors are important when it comes to selecting the right garden fence. You don’t want to be bothered by your neighbours who can peek into your garden. A  green fence comes in handy here. The Green Screens for example are Hedera screens which are fully grown. Because they are fully grown, you can not look through them and you’ll have instant privacy. The Green Screens are available in panels with different sizes. The hedges are available in 1 meter, 1.80 meter, 2.00 meter, 2.20 meter and 3 meter. As the average man and woman are becoming taller, the Green Screens of 2 meter are becoming more and more common. A green fence as a garden screen offers a lot of privacy and because they are already pre-grown in the glashouse, you immediately have a natural green garden fence.

Fast and easy to install

In addition to the fact that a fence should provide sufficient privacy, it is also important that the installation is easy. A Green Screen is anchored with posts and brackets. One does not have to wait until the hedge is fully grown, you can immediately enjoy a natural fully-grown hedge.

Green fences require little maintenance

The maintenance of a green fence is not difficult. A fully grown green fence needs little to no maintenance. Sufficient water must be given in the first year and the hedge must be pruned once every year to maintain the shape. The hedge will automatically grow into a sturdy garden fence. A natural garden fence is also lasts longer than a wood fence since wood is subject to wear. This means that a wooden fence has to be replaced faster than a green fence. In the long run, a green garden fence is therefore more economical.

Benefits of green fences in the garden 2

Sustainable green fence

In line with the previous benefit, a green garden fence is more sustainable compared to a wood fence. Not only does it last longer than a wooden fence, Mobilane’s Green Screens are also produced in a sustainable way. The hedge is also grown in a biodegradable container made of coconut fibres.

Provides a healthier environment

A green garden fence contributes to creating a healthier environment. The leaves capture 40-60% of particulate matter, which filters the air. It also  absorbs rainwater and provides cooling in hot periods. Green Screens can be used to create a certain atmosphere. Nature lovers can give the garden a natural look by using a green garden screen.

Contributes to biodiversity

It is also important that the use of a green garden fence contributes to biodiversity. This living fence ensures that animals such as hedgehogs can move through the fence. It can also serve as shelter, living space and even as food for animals. Birds can, for example, make a bird nest in the hedge but you can also put a birdhouse yourself in the green hedge. With this, you not only contribute to your own life, but also to the lives of animals.

Benefits of green fences in the garden 3

Benefits of green fences

In conclusion, green fences bring many benefits. It is therefore advisable to choose for a natural green fence than a wooden fence. Mobilane offers the solution, the Mobilane Green Screens. Mobilane has a wide variety of ready to use Green Screens. The screens are avaiable with different types of plants and in panels of different sizes. This way, the garden can be designed with natural green hedges to own preferences.