Green roof

Green roofs are very popular and that is not surprising. A green roof contributes to better insulation and well protection of the roof. It also brings many important benefits to the environment. There is more good news: installing a green roof has never been this easy. Mobilane offers ready-to-use cassettes that can be installed yourself. Within a few minutes, a roof with plants can be realised which can be enjoyed for a long time.

Sedum mats and a green roof, what is that?

A green roof? sedum cassettes? Maybe you have never heard of it before. In short, a green roof is a roof made of sedum, also known as succulents. These plants do not only absorb water well, they can also survive during dry periods.

Especially the absorbing power of sedum is a good reason to apply sedum roofs. Because of climate change, there is more rainfall than the sewage system can handle. With sedum on the roof, peak load on the sewage system. In this way, less water enters the sewer at one time. A green sedum roof captures 60-80% more water than a roof without plants.

In addition, a roof with plants looks pleasant to the eyes. Especially because the plants make the roof more attractive for insects such as butterflies

Why a sedum roof?

With a green sedum roof, the rainwater can be better retained. The cassettes can retain water up to 20 litres per square metre. But sedum also has other benefits. The plants contribute to biodiversity and the roof (therefore, also the housing) stays cooler because of the sedum plants. In addition, since sedum protects the roof against light, heat and UV rays, the lifespan of the roof increases. The roofing lasts up to twice as long

Also beneficial: a sedum roof contributes to higher efficiency of solar panels. For this reason, people chose more often not only to buy solar panels but also buy a sedum roof. A good combination that is also aesthetically pleasing.

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MobiRoof ECO: the solution for a green roof

Looking for a green roof system that is easy to install?  Have a look at the ready-to-use MobiRoof ECO cassettes that Mobilane offers as a green solution. With these cassettes, you can easily install a roof with sedum plants yourself. You can benefit from all the benefits that a green roof offers in no time.