The benefits of a green car park

9 May 2023

The United Kingdom has around 20,000 parking lots. This totals a large area in the UK, and offers a lot of scope for greening which can contribute to the sustainability ambitions arising from the Paris Climate Agreement. With Mobilane Green Screens, this is easy to achieve. Also the ready-made hedges offer many advantages. Read the article to find out all the benefits of an instant green, natural car park!

Mobilane Green Screen on parking

Six benefits of a green parking area

In general, incorporating Mobilane Green Screen into the design of car parks can provide a range of benefits – without taking up much space – that improve the quality of life that this for those who use the space and those who live or work nearby.

1: Green parking spaces improve aesthetics

One of the most obvious benefits of hedges around car parks or parking areas is that they improve the overall aesthetics of the area. They add greenery, colour and texture was to otherwise a bare concrete landscape. It also helps reduce graffiti nuisance. When a wall is covered with greenery, it often discourages ‘graffiti artists’ and saves a municipality a lot of money for cleaning.

2: Green car parks improve cooling and reduce the heat island effect

Car parks can generate a lot of heat, contributing to the urban heat-island effect. Hedges can reduce this effect by providing shade and cooling the surrounding air.

3: Green car parks improve air quality

Lacey hedges can help filter pollutants from the air, including particulate matter and carbon dioxide. Research in collaboration with the University of Staffordshire has shown that the Mobilane Green Screen Hedera ‘helix’ Woerner can capture 40-60% of particulate matter in the environment. In addition, the hedges can also absorb noise and dust. This makes the area around the car park more pleasant for pedestrians and motorists.

4: Green car parks with Green Screens provide more privacy

Hedges can form a natural barrier between the car park and nearby roads, buildings or houses. This increases privacy and reduces the impact of noise and headlights. The sight of greenery helps increase the overall well-being of users and residents.

5: Green parking areas contribute to increased security

Green Screen instant hedges can form a visual barrier between the car park and nearby roads and thereby serve as traffic-control greenery, reducing the risk of accidents and improving safety for both motorists and pedestrians. Even a 1-metre-high ready-made hedge is suitable. The car park is visible and can thus be easily found and is also fenced off.

Mobilane Green Screen 100cm

6: Green car parks increase local biodiversity

The Mobilane Green Screen contributes to biodiversity. On top of that, the hedges provide food, shelter and nesting opportunities for various animals such as insects like bees and butterflies, hedgehogs and birds. The Mobilane Ready-made hedge Pyracantha ‘Dart’s Red’ is a favourite for several species of birds. The berries in winter serve as food and the dense branch structure provides hiding and nesting places for wrens, dunnocks, hedge sparrows and blackbirds, among others.

More about the Mobilane Green Screen

The Mobilane instant Green Screen consists of a metal grid completely covered with plants. The plants are placed in a biodegradable container with potting soil. This container is made of bio-based material composed with coconut fibres, held together by a natural latex. The Mobilane Green Screen has a standard width of 1.20 metres and is available in different heights; 1.00, 1.55, 1.80, 2.00, 2.20 and 3.00 metres.

Mobilane Green Screen 300cm

Green car parks

Parking garages can also be easily and completely provided with greenery. This can be done with green facades or using green roofs with sedum. Read more about green future-proof parking garages.

Mobilane Green Screen on parking garage