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Children achieve, play, and learn better with plenty of clean air

Being able to breathe clean air should be the norm for every child, but sadly, this isn’t always the case. Poor air quality in schools makes it more difficult to focus and results in tiredness, among other things. Mobilane is making sure more children have access to clean air through its GreenMySchool project: our solutions allow every school to improve its air quality. Government grants are available to fund all aspects of these projects, and we’re happy to help you apply.


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A greener classroom is a healthier classroom

For several years of their lives, children spend a large part of the day in classrooms, so it is absolutely essential that those classrooms are safe and healthy spaces. On average, we take 20,000 breaths every day. This figure is often much higher for children who play and run around. At school, children spend a large part of their day inside. Children are able to play and learn much better if the indoor air is clean and contains plenty of oxygen. Poor air quality in schools makes it more difficult to focus, results in tiredness, and allows germs to spread more quickly, among other things.

The impact of fine dust particulates

Traffic and industry are the main sources of air pollution, with particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone (smog) contaminating the air. The mechanical processes used in industry produce coarse dust, and combustion processes like those in motor vehicles generate airborne dust, with ultra-fine dust particles. These ultra-fine dust particles are especially harmful and can force their way deep into the body via the lungs, causing significant harm. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), across the globe, more than 90 percent of children under 15 breathe air every day that is so polluted it may put their health at risk. Children are more vulnerable to polluted air because they breathe more quickly.

A healthy choice for the school playground

Research shows that Mobilane’s Green Screen Hedera helix “Woerner” — our Instant Ivy Hedge — absorbs up to 60% of nitrogen dioxide and (ultra)-fine dust particle concentrations. Hedera stays green all year round and continuously produces new leaves. These growing leaf structures offer a significant advantage in absorbing fine dust particles from the air. The larger particles stay on the leaf until rain washes them off, while ultra-fine particles are so small that they end up as gas particles in the leaf stomata.

Benefits of plants in classrooms

  • Plants have an impact on the wellbeing of children.
  • Healthy (indoor) climate thanks to oxygen production and reduced humidity level
  • Children become more creative and experience less stress
  • Children are calmer and better able to focus
  • Plants create a safe environment with less bullying


LivePicture GO in the classroom

LivePicture offers a playful way to add vertical greenery to the classroom or anywhere else in the school. A green wall collage of several LivePicture GO’s is the perfect way to achieve a playful and green effect at any school!



LivePicture GO

Living picture in the classroom

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Mobilane Green Screen

A green and healthy playground

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LivePanel PACK

Living wall system in the assembly hall

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Instant Hedera helix Woerner

Mobilane’s Green Screens are available with a variety of plants and in various sizes. One of the options is a hedge of Hedera helix “Woerner”, a perennial and evergreen dark-colored ivy with leaves in different shapes. Another, more colorful option is Pyracantha “Dart’s Red”, a perennial firethorn.

If you’d like to partner with us to help bring about a healthier environment at schools, take a look at the options and let’s roll up our sleeves together!

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PM10 Research and reducing pollution with Green Screens

Research has shown that Mobilane Green Screens reduce particulate matter (PM). Particles can cause serious health problems. Using Mobilane’s Green Screens, particulate matter can be reduced by up to 40-60%, resulting in improved air quality.

Read more about the PM10 Research


Green Screens at Prior Weston Primary School

‘‘The Green Screens have been a welcome addition to the play area, where the screens now provide privacy and natural beauty. They also serve a more important function: cleaning the air from roadside pollutants produced by the traffic below.’’

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Victoria, London

School in London’s Victoria installs Green Screens

‘‘We want the children to become adults who can help reduce the harmful impact of climate change and create a better London, and a better world.’’

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Dulwich, London

Green Screens for clean air at Goose Green School, Dulwich

‘‘Every child at Goose Green will be breathing cleaner, safer air straightaway, and the Green Screen also benefits the local community with its aesthetic, environmental, and air-cleansing properties. A living testament to the remarkable power of nature.’’

- Simon Wattam, Head Teacher at Goose Green View this project

Lambeth, London

Green Screens against air pollution at St Helen’s in Lambeth

‘‘The impact of the Green Screen is having can only be praised, not only on air quality and in terms of aesthetics, but in reducing traffic noise and ensuring total privacy too. ’’

- Jennifer Brathwaite, Councillor & Lambeth Cabinet Member for Environment and Housing View this project


A green school in Sheffield

‘‘The #GoGoGreen campaign has helped us raise funds for the plants and materials we needed to build our living green pollution barrier.’’

- Catherine Carr, Head Teacher at Hunter Bar Infant School View this project

Sutton, London

Sutton school joins the green screen initiative in fighting air pollution

‘‘I love the variety of plants and herbs, and the insect boxes are already attracting the attention of our children — the insects will undoubtedly follow soon!’’

- Elisabeth Broers, Head Teacher at Robin Hood Junior School View this project

Walthamstow, London

Pollution barrier installed at Walthamstow school

‘‘The installation of Green Screens is the first step taken by the school to provide a healthier and cleaner living, learning, and playing environment for the children, staff, parents, and visitors.’’

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