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Ready-to-use greenery in your home and garden

Looking for inspiration for your garden or home? Here we share tips for plants in your garden, balcony and in your home. You can choose for the original Mobilane Green Screens for an immediate green result, or you can choose for the vertical garden for a modern garden or balcony.

No “green fingers” or time to do it yourself or to maintain the garden? View here the partners of Mobilane who give advice, and take care of the installation and maintenance.

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The original Green Screen

Immediately a green fence in the garden? Choose the Mobilane Green Screens. The Mobilane Green Screen is the original ready-to-use screen. The Mobilane Greens Screens are the most used fences in gardens, and because of the consistent quality the market leader.

Sustainable green screen

The Mobilane Green Screens have been pre-grown in a sustainable way at our own nursery and ensures an immediate green result. Not only the production is done in a sustainable way, the product itself is also sustainable. The hedge is grown in a biodegradable container made from coconut fibre and does not have any packing material. Therefore, there is no unnecessary waste.

Different sizes and types

The Mobilane Green Screen is available in different sizes and with different types of plants. A popular type of green screen at the moment is the Euonymus Dart’s Blanket. This is not surprising since the Euonymus is a slow-growing plant which makes the maintenance of this hedge easy and does not need a lot of pruning. This is ideal for a low maintenance garden.

Mobilane Green Screen overview

Installation of Mobilane Green Screen

The installation of the Mobilane Green Screen is easy and gives an immediate and fully covered result. Watch our installation guide or YouTube videos for instruction or advice. Do you prefer to have an expert install the green screens? Go to our contact page for more information.

How to maintain the Mobilane Green Screen?

During the first year after installation, regularly watering the hedges is preferred (approximately 10 litre per meter in a dry period, 3-4 times a week). It is neccessary to add NPK fertilizer when installing the hedges, preferably close to the coconut fibre. Especially the breaking down process of the coconut fibre and rooting of the hedges require a lot of nutrition. In the year when the hedges are placed, it is advised to not prune the hedges. Large branches should be intertwined with the steel grid. When holes are starting to appear in the hedges, the ends should be pruned which ensures that the inactive branch buds are activated and grows. In addition, it is advised to prune the hedges once or twice a year. The best pruning months are April/May and September/October.


Due to the availability of different types and sizes of the Green Screens, you have many ways to use this. The hedge is for example a sustainable alternative for the classic wood fencing. You can also separate the garden into smaller areas with the green screens. You can create a cozy atmosphere in the corner with a garden lounge set and portion this area off with a green screen.

Mobilane Kant & Klaar Haag tuinafscheiding

The difference between installing a hedge yourself and the Mobilane Green Screen

Are you still doubting between the ready-to-use green screen and a hedge that is not fully grown? The difference is shown in this video:


A green roof with MobiRoof

Do you want to contribute to biodiversity in your garden? A roof with sedum helps with this. A green roof not only contributes to biodiversity, it also stores rainwater, it also cools the environment and it contributes to a higher efficiency of your solar panels. The easiest and fastest way to get a green roof is to use sedum cassettes. MobiRoof consists of plant cassettes filled with substrate and 6-8 different types of sedum. The cassettes simply click into each other and create an extensive green roof system. MobiRoof can be used on flat or slightly sloping roofs and can be relocated.


A modern garden with LivePicture

One of the latest garden trends is vertical greenery. Vertical greenery takes up less space, is easy to maintain and a real eye-catcher in the garden. The LivePicture is available in different sizes and colours and can be used indoor and outdoor. The Mobilane PlantGuide shows which plants you can use best.

Mobilane Livepicture groene wand in de tuin

Less noise disturbance in the garden with NoiStop

Bothered by the neighbours or other ambient noise such as a busy road? A noise-reducing wall is quick and easy to install in the garden and takes up less space. Available in Wood and Steel, NoiStop reduces the noise on average by ten decibels. Read more about NoiStop.

Mobilane Green Screen

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LivePicture GO

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A green and healthy interior

Get the nature in house

A trend that has become a lifestyle and cannot be ignored: plants in your house. It is no surprise that plants are good for us.  But what do they really do? We have put 10 benefits of having plants in your home together. Read the full article here.

A green wall in your home

In offices and public spaces green walls are present. In the home, green walls are also becoming increasingly popular. Green walls take up less space and fits with every interior. LivePanel PACK is a green wall system that is available in four standard sizes. It is easy to install and maintain. Do you want a tailor-made green wall? Contact one of our dealers to discuss the possibilities.

A picture with plants

LivePicture GO adds a splash of vertical greenery in a playful way to your living, learning or working environment. You can create a green wall collage by using multiple LivePicture GO’s for a playful and green effect, or you can plant herbs in a LivePicture GO and use it in the kitchen. LivePicture GO is easy to install (with two screws) on the wall.

Mobilane LivePicture GO - Plantenschilderij

Fresh herbs with LivePicture GO

Fancy instant fresh herbs in your kitchen, ready when you are? LivePicture GO is a go-to herb garden, ideal for planting up with different types of herbs such as mint, thyme, parsley and chives. This way you always have fresh herbs at your fingertips to flavour every dish.

Mobilane LivePicture GO verticale kruidentuin

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Grow it yourself - Urban farming

‘‘Urban Gardening” or “Urban Farming” first emerged as a global trend in New York. LivePanel Outdoor makes Urban Farming a lot easier.’’

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A green flat roof in the middle of Amsterdam

‘‘In cities, there is no space for green gardens. A solution for this is greening unused flat roofs in cities with the MobiRoof sedum cassettes and Mobilane Green Screens in planters.’’

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Harlingen, the Netherlands

A green street in Harlingen

‘‘The residents themselves have chosen for the Mobilane Green Screen Euonymus. The Mobilane Green Screen Euonymus is a slow grower, which means that the residents have a low maintenance since the hedge requires relatively little pruning.’’

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A green boost for a garden village

‘‘Vreewijk, a new green residential area in Rotterdam, has been put on the map. The new residential area has a lot of gardens and the Mobilane Green Screens were used to divide the gardens. Mobilane provided a total of 1 km of Green Screens. The green screens contain the Hedera helix Woerner and are 1.80 metres high.’’

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