ESSENZA HOME opts for a sustainable green façade

Interior and lifestyle brand ESSENZA HOME has moved into a new, completely renovated office in Bunnik in 2021. The new office is entirely sustainability-oriented. The Mobilane green façade at Essenza Home contributes to the company’s sustainability vision and provides a warm welcome for its retailers, customers, and staff. 

Mobilane MobiPanel Essenza Home


Family business ESSENZA HOME has been designing, producing, and distributing home & living products to suit various interior styles for 60 years. In 2021, the company moved to a new office in Bunnik. The building of no less than 2500 m2 is located directly on the A12 motorway. The new premises was built with an eye to the future and aligned with their sustainability vision. Therefore, the sustainable green Mobilane façade was a logical choice.

Installation of the green façade

The installation of the green walls was quick and easy. The green walls, with a total surface area of over 200 square meters, were placed against the stone and wooden façade by means of Magnelis steel omega profiles. The design incorporated the window and door sections and the water and electricity pipes.

Mobilane MobiPanel Essenza - before after

The almost 10,000 plants are installed in modular cassettes and pixels attached to the profiles. All of the cassettes, pixels, and covers are made of a fire-retardant EPP (B-s2, d0). This material is light, UV-resistant, air-permeable (for good root growth), and fully recyclable. An automated irrigation system provides the MobiPanel green walls with water and nutrients.

Plant selection for the green façade

The plants in the green facades were selected according to various factors. The orientation of the façade, the different flowering seasons, plants that stimulate biodiversity, and, finally, aesthetics were all considered. For example, Bregenis ‘Bressingham White’ is a beautiful spring bloomer with elegant white flowers that bloom from April onwards. The Vinca minor is a strong evergreen covering plant. It also flowers very early in spring. Vinca minor can be used on facades in both sunny and shady spots. The Vinca will produce more flowers in the sun than in the shade. Geranium Rozanne is a carrier plant for wild bees. Many species of wild bees, as well as butterflies and bumblebees, find their nectar here.

MobiPanel Essenza Plant Species

Advantages of the green façade

The green wall on the two outer walls is a real eye-catcher. Floor Smits, Head of Brands and second generation in the family business: “As a family business, we find it important to focus on the long term. During the renovation, we, therefore, invested heavily in sustainable solutions. When we were introduced to the possibility of a vertical garden for the façade, we were immediately enthusiastic. The green wall has many advantages, such as purifying the air, increasing biodiversity, and providing a nice haven for bees and other insects. Finally, we want to make a statement and show that we are committed to a sustainable world.” In addition to the office, there is also a b2b showroom and a brand store will be opened for consumers this year.

Increased biodiversity

Rosalie Smits, Head of Channels and also the second generation of the family business, indicates that biodiversity is an important spearhead for the organization.

The green façade attracts many insects, thus stimulating biodiversity in the area. As described earlier, the flowers of Geranium Rozanne, among others, provide nectar for many insects such as the wild bee and butterflies. Wild bees and butterflies are an important link in our food chain. They provide 60% of the pollination of our fruit and vegetables.


Mobilane Diversity Essenza Home

The facades also attract various birds and other insects and serve both as food and as nesting and hiding places. In the cassettes between the plants, birds can nest safely. The first bird’s nest in the green façade at Essenza Home was found just a few weeks after installation.


Architect: BK Punt
Construction period: 2021
Installation: MobiCare




MobiPanel green wall

MobiPanel green wall