A botanical dream: a living wall for any interior

15 March 2021

In a world where our every move, process and action has an ever-increasing impact on the environment, we yearn for a more natural living space. All too many grey, characterless spaces and buildings loom up around us. It is little wonder that our hearts and souls crave nature; greenery; plants; to sense, touch, enjoy. Living walls connect our interiors to that “need for nature”. Inviting the natural outdoors in, the LivePanel PACK green wall system from Mobilane helps homeowners take that leap. The living green wall, bursting with real plants, lush foliage, form and interest, adds a sustainable flourish as well as improving our physical and mental health and well-being and creates an indoor climate awash with positivity, both visually and atmospherically.

Living the botanical dream

Consider this: a greener living space can be more than just houseplants. You can add a whole new dimension of greenery with a planted vertical living wall. Turn heads and inject a breath of fresh air to your living space. Whether classic or contemporary in design, a living wall adds lush green tones and textures and the sleekest of backdrops to a lounge, living or kitchen space.

Simple and effective straight out of the box, the LivePanel PACK green wall system affixes to virtually any wall expanse, and takes shape with exchangeable plant cassettes, each planted with varieties to suit theme, mood or taste; complete design freedom for homeowners and designers to realise their very own botanical dreams on their very own walls

Positivity of plants

A LivePanel PACK lifts the mood of a room, both visually and environmentally. Its make-up means the plants, their foliage and the substrate within the system insulates during cold months and cools the atmosphere as temperatures rise. Interiors with greenery are recognised as contributing positively to our concentration and stress levels, increasing the former whilst reducing the latter, boosting productivity and mental capacity along the way. Plant foliage helps filter out harmful air pollutants released from home-use cleaning products and electrical appliances. Three of the top air-cleaning busters in a LivePanel PACK plant selection are the Spoon Plant or (Spathiphyllum), the Blue Fern (Phlebodium) and the Grass Lily (Chlorophytum).

Simple, all-in-one living wall system

Simplicity is a key feature of the LivePanel PACK. Its clever design enables each planted cassette to seek its own water from a reservoir beneath the system. This water-saving method means the plants receive the right amount of irrigation, preventing waste, staining or leakage, promoting the healthiest of growth.

Ready-to-use and simple to install, the LivePanel PACK is available in four standard sizes, ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor spaces with one or more small wall surfaces. Installed and maintained without electricity, pump or water drainage, the LivePanel PACK is a flexible, durable, adaptable gateway to maximising green potential on any vertical surface.