Fast and easy greenery in and around your home!

Summer is coming to an end, and with the winter months just around the corner, it’s time to invite some greenery into your home! Green interiors have been trendy for years. It’s a trend we’re also seeing in the styling of plants and vegetation in around the home, where every available space in the bedroom, livingroom, kitchen or even the bathroom is used to green up the home.

Green means healthy

We wrote about the ten benefits of houseplants before, benefits that included improved acoustics, sleep and concentration, among others. But did you know a group of plants can also provide an instant oxygen boost, and can even help prevent a stuffy nose? Time to get your hands dirty, and Mobilane would love to help!

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Create a pleasant vibe with a living plant painting

LivePicture’s innovative plant paintings allow you to make the most out of even the smallest spaces. Turn your bare walls green, fast and easy, with these Mobilane eyecatchers; a novelty where innovation, design, and greenery go hand in hand. Available in different sizes and shapes, to be filled with plants of your choosing. Working from home? Bring some greenery into your home office and you’ll notice the difference! Ready to go big? Fill an entire wall with the LivePanel green wall system, a green wall fully customizable to the interior of your space.

Heading into winter with a green garden

Time to go outside! What does your garden look like during those months of winter? Are you preparing for a few months of lacking greenery and peeking into your neighbours’ windows? No worries, go for a green garden fence with the Mobilane Ready-Made Green Screen patented system. Instead of waiting for years for your hedge to grow, the instant Green Screen provides immediate privacy with a fully grown, dense hedge. The hedges are available with different kinds of plants, most of which can be planted all year round. Go for a perennial hedge made from the Euonymus Dart’s Blanket, the Hedera Helix Woerner or the Pyracantha Dart’s Red. Take a look here for a retailer near you.

Colour your roof

Recently, Mobilane made waves in the news worldwide with the placement of green roofs on more than 300 bus shelters in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A sustainable project that has been expanded to several cities all across the globe. These beautiful green roofs, created with the MobiRoof cassettes, can be created at home as well. The cassettes are filled with several kinds of sedum that carry many benefits. The sedum is draught-resistant, filters the air and provides a splash of colour to your roof! In addition, the MobiRoof provides insulation in both the summer and winter months and increases the biodiversity of your living environment.

Many municipalities are encouraging the building of green roofs. Curious to see if your town provides subsidies for green roofs? Take a look at this overview and click on the name of your town for more information and details.

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