Cover plates

The cover plates allow the planters to be completely sealed. These are then screwed shut.

Hoarding fence clamp

MobiGreenFence can be easily attached to a hoarding fence using hoarding fence clamps. Clamp diameter: Ø40 mm

Additional planting

MobiGreenFence’s planter can be supplemented with additional planting. The range includes Hedera helix Arborescens,
Viburnum Tinus, Leucothe Zeblid, Lonicera nitida and
Viburnum davidii.

Mobilane Nesting boxes & bee hotels

Nesting boxes & bee hotels

The nesting boxes and bee hotels are made in a social workplace using sustainable Dutch Douglas wood. All nesting boxes and bee hotels comply with the guidelines of BIJ 12. These boxes are perfectly suitable for meeting the requirements of the Nature Conservation Act or for use in achieving BREEAM certification, which requires the placement of nesting boxes. The nesting boxes and bee hotels are available in various types and sizes.

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