Urban greening

Urban greening is something that cannot be ignored. A world with lots of greenery is now replaced by a world that is mostly covered with concrete which affects the ecosystem. Since the consequences of climate are very much visible, it is important to go back to a greener world. The world is getting damaged by the changing climate and it is also affecting humans, animals and plants. Every day, the world is learning about climate change. This had led to incorporating greenery increasingly in urban planning.

The importance of urban greening

Nowadays, the importance of urban greening has been realised by many. What was first parks and trees in the streets, urban greening in innovative forms like living walls and green roofs are becoming increasingly popular. Green roofs and living walls are applied to numerous buildings such as office buildings and public buildings but also in residential areas, vertical green is more and more implemented. The aims of urban greenery might be different but on the whole, it contributes to improving the lives of humans, animals and plants. Benefits of urban greening:

– Improves air quality
– Reduces noise pollution
– Stimulates biodiversity
– Retains rainwater
– Cools and regulates the environment
– Adds aesthetic value

The effects

Architects and urban planners have been exploring ways to implement urban greening when designing new buildings and new areas, both for business and residential purposes. When building, the future is also taken into account as well as the immediate use of a building. By incorporating greenery, these buildings contribute to the environment where these buildings are located and to the people who are using these buildings. Urban greening contributes to producing oxygen while it also absorbs carbon dioxide, contributing to the climate outdoor, but also indoor. Not only does greenery in urban areas contribute to people, but it also contributes to animals, insects, etc., thus contributing to biodiversity. Living walls and green roofs provide a living habitat and food to birds, bees and butterflies. In addition, urban greening helps with combatting the urban heat island effect, which is the effect of the temperature in urban areas being higher than in its surrounding areas. This is caused by reduced natural landscapes in urban areas. By implementing green in urban areas, this effect can also be reduced.

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Urban greenery can easily be implemented with ready-to-use green solutions such as vertical living walls, green roofs and instant green hedges.

Living walls

With living walls, greenery is easily added to buildings. The LivePanel Outdoor living wall system from Mobilane is an innovative system for use in a multitude of vertical greenery scenarios. A bare and grey exterior is transformed into a natural flourishing living wall with LivePanel Outdoor. The living wall system can be installed on both new and existing walls. LivePanel Outdoor contributes to biodiversity, clean air quality levels, heat regulation and climate-proofing of city buildings. The modular system consists of gutter profiles and exchangeable plant cassettes. The plant cassettes with real plants are placed in the gutter profiles that also serve as a water reservoir. With LivePanel Outdoor, not only a green facade is created, but it also makes a building an eye-catcher.

Mobilane LivePanel Outdoor urban greening

Green roofs

A green roof is an innovative solution to make maximum use of flat roofs and even slightly sloping roofs. Green roofs are roofs covered with plants. You can choose for an intensive or an extensive green roof. An example of an extensive green roof system is the MobiRoof ECO green roof system from Mobilane. It is a lightweight green roof system consisting of plant cassettes filled with substrate and 6-8 different types of Sedum. With MobiRoof ECO, a green roof is easily realised by simply placing the cassettes against each other. Not only does a green roof contribute to urban greening, but it also stimulates biodiversity.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO urban greening

Instant green hedges

Similar to living walls and green roofs, instant green hedges can contribute to urban greening. The Mobilane Green Screens are pre-grown hedges that provide a green solution instantly. Made of sustainable materials, the Mobilane Green Screen consists of a steel grid completely intertwined and covered with climbing plants. The hedge is grown in a biodegradable container made from coconut fibres. Mobilane Green Screens are available with different types of plants and in panels of different sizes. The Green Screens contribute to a healthy environment and improve air quality. Research has shown that the Mobilane Green Screens are able to capture fine dust up to 40-60%. It also contributes to biodiversity by attracting birds and insects. With the Mobilane Green Screens, urban greening is instantly realised.

Mobilane Green Screens urban greening

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