Green walls for a greener world

These days, everyone’s trying to go green. Green in terms of living a sustainable life, but also greening our world in a more literal sense. One way to do this is by creating green walls with plants. Plants are popular, have unique and positive benefits, and also look beautiful. To make sure we’re not only greening up our homes but also our outdoor environments, we’ve developed the WallPlanter right here at Mobilane. A fantastic green wall system that literally turns your building green.

The Wallplanter is a unique and green wall system. It literally turns your walls green, but also comes with a few fantastic, sustainable benefits. The green walls help with insulation: the plants keep your home cool in the summer, preventing the outdoor heat from penetrating the walls. In the colder months, the plants help keep your home warm and toasty, because the greenery works to keep the heat indoors. These benefits will eventually cut down your energy bills. Additionally, thanks to the wonderful workings of these plants, the air around your home improves. The plants absorb carbon emissions and particulate matter and transform them into clean air. Last but not least, the wall also prevents ageing and weather damage and creates a buffer against excess rainwater.

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Green wall systems

At Mobilane, we create green walls with the WallPlanter. The plants are grown and placed in aluminium planters by the installation engineer, after which they’re attached to a wall frame, creating an instant green, vertical garden that can be placed on both new and existing façades.

The WallPlanter comes with a smart, automated irrigation and drainage system, making sure the hedges have all the water and nutrients they need, so you don’t have to worry about plant care. The automated systems mean that your green wall barely requires any maintenance.

Still not convinced? We’ve made a list of all the benefits the Wallplanter provides:

  • The WallPlanter increases real estate value
  • Helps with insulation
  • Plants catch and absorb harmful toxins, and transform them into oxygen
  • The Wallplanter is low-maintenance
  • Protects your walls from graffiti.

The WallPlanter green wall also has a few unique characteristics:

  • The WallPlanter only requires a small amount of water
  • The green wall is available in several types and colours
  • The wall is equipped with modern, automated systems that keep your plants low maintenance.
  • It’s a unique and green wall system
  • The WallPlanter is 100% recyclable.

Curious to see what a green wall looks like? Commissioned by the Maarsen Groep, Van Mourik Architecten from The Hague developed a sustainable car park renovation plan as part of the adjacent, prestigious new housing estate First Rotterdam, right across from Rotterdam Central Station. The building looks like it’s completely covered in living greenery. If you are interested in working with us, why not contact us?