Innovative ready-to-use greenery for landscapers

Quick and easy solutions for landscapers. It is important for landscaping companies in the green sector that the products that they use are reliable and of good quality

A reliable partner for landscapers

Mobilane is part of the Darthuizer Group, a leading family-run company that has been at the forefront of innovation and consistently high quality in the environmental landscaping for over 80 years. Building on this experience in the green sector, Mobilane was established in 2000. Mobilane has been the market leader for sustainable development and delivery of patented, innovative green systems for over a decade.

Quick and easy solutions for landscapers with immediate green result

At Mobilane, we know best that speed and quality is important for every landscaper. Not only are the products quick and easy to install, the delivery of the products is also fast and we are always ready to provide advice. A reliable partner.

Availability of products 

The products of Mobilane are available for landscapers through the dealer network and are available throughout the year. Contact us for more information.

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Mobilane Green Screens

One of the solutions for landscapers is the Mobilane Green Screen. The Mobilane Green Screens were the first one on the market and due to the consistently good quality and different sizes market leader and a preferred product in fairs, showrooms and television.

Mobilane Green Screen overview


Due to the availability of the Mobilane Green Screens in different sizes, the Green Screens can be used in various ways. Think about creating garden rooms, separating patios and disguising bin containers. A green screen is also a sustainable alternative to wood fences.

Ready for delivery

The Green Screens and the needed accessories are ready for delivery throughout the whole year.

Trending: Euonymus

The Mobilane Green Screen Euonymus Dart’s Blanket is one of the favourites in the street. This is due to the fact that Euonymus is a slow grower. This means that the Green Screens do not require a lot of pruning and therefore have low maintenance. In addition, Euonymus is more salt tolerant than most of the other plant species. This plant is therefore suitable for a maritime climate and can bear road salt. For designing a garden, balcony, courtyard, office or public space at the coast or roads, the Euonymus Dart’s Blanket is the perfect green solution. View the other plant types here.


Euonymus Green Screen

Installation of Mobilane Green Screen

The Green Screens are quick and easy to install and gives an immediate green result. On the Mobilane Youtube channel, installation videos can be found.


A green roof on garden sheds, flat roofs, sheds and balconies

Another solution for landscapers is the Mobilane MobiRoof. MobiRoof consists of plant cassettes filled with substrate and 6-8 different sedum plants. The cassettes simply click into each other and creates an extensive green roof system. The MobiRoof is suitable for flat roofs and roofs with a slight slope (up to approximately 20% or 10 degrees), and is always relocatable. Read more about MobiRoof.


Mobilane Green Screen

Immediately a green fence

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Ready-to-use green roof cassettes

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LivePanel PACK

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Vertical green

We increasingly see that landscapers make use of vertical green. Solutions for landscapers are provided by Mobilane. Mobilane has different systems for vertical gardens. The Mobilane systems are easy to install and to maintain. Due to the fact that green walls and facades need more information and, especially when it is the first time working with these green systems, Mobilane offers trainings and workshops. More information about the Mobilane Green Wall trainings? Send an e-mail to or fill in the contact form.

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A green boost for the whole residential area

‘‘As important as the improvement of the green character of the landscape was the preservation of the historical value and character of the landscape’’

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Harlingen, the Netherlands

A green street in Harlingen

‘‘Frisa Bergum from Friesland transformed the street into a sustainable green street with the Mobilane Green Screens’’

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

MobiRoof on a balcony

‘‘The resident of this home wasn’t allowed to expand further and therefore opted for a green roof. ’’

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