Green & healthcare

Research has shown that having a green view contributes to faster recovery and discharge from the hospital. It also contributes to less use of medication. Research has contributed to designing more healing environments. Evidence Based Design is becoming increasingly popular. Read here why and how greenery is implemented best in healthcare.

Care & recovery

Looking at and being surrounded by greenery is a nice distraction and also stimulates positive feelings and increase of energy. For adults as well as children, it reduces pain. Green view is preferred in healthcare institutions. Experiencing seasons contributes to more distraction and especially for elderly or sick people, a view from the window is much preferred. Viewing sedum roofs from like the Martini Hospital in Groningen, the Netherlands, contributes to faster recovery.

Less stress in the waiting room

In rooms such as waiting rooms, consultation rooms, and treatment rooms, it is important that these rooms makes you feel at ease. Adding greenery in these rooms contributes to reducing stress. Research has shown that patients give less negative feedback about hospital employees when greenery is present in the environment. Vertical greenery such as LivePanel Indoor or LivePicture are good solutions for small places.

Elderly care

Not only for patients who are ill, greenery is also important for elderly people who stay in nursing homes and old age homes. A courtyard tends to be a good solution for a social meeting place for elderly people who cannot walk well anymore and therefore cannot go outside. It also ensures a healthy indoor climate. This is important, especially for the ones who spend most of the time inside.


There is a lot of pressure on the healthcare. Plants do not only have a positive effects on patients, it also contributes to the wellbeing of employees. Plants in the working environment contributes to higher satisfaction and less stress. Learn more about the benefits of green in the working environment.

‘‘Research shows that having a green view contributes to fast recovery and discharge of the hospital patients ’’ -

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Tailored advice

Plants cannot be installed in every healthcare facility. More information or advice about the possibilities of green in the healthcare institutions? Contact us via or fill in the form


Groningen, the Netherlands

Green forecourt Martini Hospital – cycle shelter with sedum roof

‘‘An important reason to make the forecourt of the Martini Hospital green is the health effects on the patients. International research has shown that patients who have a living green view recover faster than patients who have a grey and dull view. ’’

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Stevenage, United Kingdom

Hospital’s multi storey car park gets a green facade

‘‘An impressive green WallPlanter has been installed against the facade of the new multi storey car park of the Lister Hospital in Stevenage. The car park has been developed with sustainability and energy efficiency at its heart and also features a silent wind turbine and charging points for electric cars.’’

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