Woodland Way Green Screens boundaries

When award winning developers Croudace Portland Homes embarked on a substantial and highly impressive new build project with green screens boundaries in a prime residential area of Surrey, they turned to Benchmark Landscape Ltd of Chelmsford to plan and manage the quality landscaping required to add value to the new development.

Croudace Portland Homes takes pride in producing highly specified, well designed premium private homes, paying exceptional attention to detail. The new development would see two new 5 and 6 bedroom homes with a value of over £2.5 million each, built on a plot of land that previously featured a single house.

As the houses were being built, Benchmark Landscape conducted the landscape work in tandem.

There was a requirement for a boundary between the new properties, however, security was a requirement in the choice of boundary. A hedge would aesthetically suit the development and was preferable to a fence or wall, but would not deliver the required security. Benchmark Landscape specified Mobilane Green Screens boundaries as the ideal solution.

Green screen boundaries

In total, 72 1.8 metre tall Green Screens were used; 40 to create the required divisional boundary, and another 32 which were used on the front of one of the properties to screen an unsightly wall of an adjacent house. Benchmark Landscape had used Mobilane Green Screens previously and knew they would deliver both the required aesthetic as well as the highest levels of security.

As well as the Green Screen boundaries, Benchmark Landscape also fully landscaped the gardens including planting beech trees, hedging, installing gravel paths, a  summer house, ornamentation, benches, and planters.

The Mobilane Green Screens perfectly complement the high quality landscaping delivered by Benchmark Landscape and the stunning new homes designed and built by Croudace.