Landscape architects choose vertical greenery as an attractive eye-catcher for their office

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Villa Buhl in Deidesheim, built in 1890, had been vacant for a long time and was reoccupied last year after an elaborate renovation that took several years. The new tenants very much appreciate the representative ambience of today’s cultural monument and also gave a lot of thought to the design of the rooms: they decided on a green wall in one of the rooms used as an office. “As landscape architects, it is important for us to explore the limits of what is possible for our clients and to show alternative ways to the old familiar. On the one hand, the vertical greening symbolises our special connection to nature, and on the other, it acts as a highlight and eye-catcher in our new office,” says Marcel Franz of Hofmann-röttgen landscape architects. An additional advantage of the wall greening is undoubtedly the improvement of the indoor climate and room acoustics.

Vertical greening as an eye catcher in the office

Technical specifications of the LivePanel

A total area of 7.6 sqm was greened with Mobilane’s patented LivePanel system. The modular, fully recyclable vertical greening system includes replaceable plant cassettes filled with substrate. Installation and attachment of the LivePanel system is quick and easy. Each row of cassettes is placed in a gutter profile, which also serves as a water reservoir. The plants supply themselves with water from the profile via capillary action.

The installation with some of the most beautiful greenery

In the first step, the technical components were installed. The pre-cultivated cassettes were only installed before the project was handed over. With an exact execution plan, hofmann_röttgen determined the positioning of each individual plant. For the greenery, they decided on 39 pieces of Davallia fejeensis, the rabbit’s foot fern, 43 pieces of Phlebodium Blue Star, the spotted fern, 30 pieces of Nephrolepsis Duffy, the sword fern, 10 pieces of Aglaomorpha coronans, the snake house fern, 118 pieces of Philodendron scandens and 84 pieces of Muehlenbeckia cauplexa, the wire shrub: an attractive mix that creates an opulent look. To ensure that this remains the case in the long term, Mobilane’s LivePanel system is carefully maintained and serviced several times a year, even after completion.

Building panel:

– Project: Villa Buhl, Deidesheim
– Project management: Marcel Franz, hofmann-röttgen landscape architects, Deidesheim
– Planning and execution: Ann-Kathrin Steeg. Plant Forum, Bodenheim
– Product used: LivePanel by Mobilane, plant cassettes 40 x 40 cm
– Area: 3.67 x 2.06 m (WxH)
– Weight: 40 kg / m2
– Plants: Davallia Fejeesis, Phlebodium Blue Star, Nephrolesis Duffy, Aglaomorphs coronans, Philodendron scandens, Muehlenbeckia cauplexa.
– when created: January 2023