Greening The Hague with Mobilane Living Green Screens

  • Locations: Den Haag
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  • Dealer: Green-Lab

JC Decaux, famed for their outdoor advertising offer, are renowned for making the best use of living green screens.  Two of their latest solutions demonstrate this perfectly:  an installation of air quality sensors on digital panels in Utrecht and a green roof on a supermarket in Breda. This planted roof expanse harvests rainwater, helps improve air quality and adds biodiversity for plant and animal interest.

Hedging The Hague with Living Green Screens

The next step for JC Decaux? Hedging The Hague!  250 square metres of living green screens, to be precise. Opting for Mobilane Green Screens planted with Hedera Helix Woerner, the sustainable hedge screening adds an element of green interest along the Utrecht roadways, with the added bonus of its benefits as a pollution barrier, removing traffic particulates for improved air quality.

What’s next: The Hague 2030

With all its greener city improvements, JC Decaux is contributing to a healthier urban environment along with this important road network, where traffic has increased considerably in recent years. The Hague council administration are intending to ensure the city is “climate neutral” by 2030.

Greening the city

Mobilane is behind this plan entirely, supporting this and other city initiatives to improve sustainability and the environment.  Green space is hard to come by and a scarce commodity in an urban environment.  The ready-made green solutions from Mobilane are therefore vital natural greening options for any urban landscape where space is at a premium; in the construction of new homes and residential areas, business parks and open spaces. Greening the city is imperative for the long-term climate resilience of a city, both for its visitors and for the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Op deze manier werken we mee aan een groener en gezonder leefklimaat rondom deze verkeersader, waar de verkeersdrukte de laatste jaren flink toegenomen is