Green My School | Green Screens against air pollution at St Helen’s in Lambeth

  • Mobilane Green Screen
  • Location: Lambeth, London
  • Dealer: The Plantman

Improving school air quality

When Mobilane were chosen by the London Borough of Lambeth to look at options to combat air pollution at a Lambeth school, we answered: Mobilane Green Screen and put them in touch with one of our network of installers, The Plantman Limited, to talk them through their plans.

Sustainable solutions

Assessing the site, the school’s air quality aims and the best green solution for the client, the project took shape. The installation – 31 screens at 2.2 metres high, each section 1.2 metres wide – was delivered and brought to life at the end of May 2017.

School’s out!

After the bell had rung and the playground had cleared one late Friday afternoon, the automatic irrigation system was fitted and deliveries were taken direct to the school grounds, ready for Saturday planting.

Taking just one day to install, it was a straightforward execution and resulted in a finished living wall of 41 metres in total length.

The Plants

Hedera Helix Woerner provides the density and foliage needed, giving an instant burst of leaf colour and volume. Darren Stobbart of The Plantman was impressed with the ivy quality, citing its visual impact and density as the key component in the stunning end result.

Playground Transformation

Knowing that the play area is flanked by a secure, natural screen gives not only the air pollution reduction the school and community were seeking, but a private, robust and beautiful backdrop to the children’s schooltime.

Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite, Lambeth Cabinet Member for Environment and Housing, also praised the impact the green screen was having, not only on air quality and aesthetics, but in reducing the traffic noise and ensuring total privacy – thoughts echoed by the school management, children and parents.

Primary School Green Screens Clean Air Week

Children and staff from St Helen’s celebrated the completion of the green screen in June 2017 as part of Lambeth’s Clean Air Week.

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Image copyright: The Plantman

Mobilane Green Screen

Mobilane Green Screen