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Architectural and landscape design is increasing its focus on sustainability, nature and a future-proofed built environment. Supplying and installing living walls, living screens a

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Green talk

Green Talk: Podcast with The Planet Calls

Leslie and Amour from The Planet Calls have three things that they love to talk about: Sustainability, Innovation and the Environment. In their Podcast sessions, they speak to lead

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Green inspiration

10 benefits of houseplants in the home

It’s no surprise that plants are good for us.  But what do they really do? And how can that make your home life a healthier, happier place? We’ve 10 reasons for having more pl

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Engaging with local authorities on green initiatives at Green Government 2019

For those looking to meet, explore and debate the latest green initiatives, issues and driving forces behind sustainability from a public sector perspective, head for the Green Gov

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