Mobilane and Specifiers meet at Specifi Landscape Birmingham

9 October 2018

Landscape event | 23 October 2018

Inspirational speakers, networking and an informal dinner.  There’s not much more you could ask for as a landscape designer, landscape architect or specifier.  Just perhaps the Mobilane team and their products on display…!

Specifi Landscape Birmingham

These events are now firmly established as high value opportunities within the landscape calendar.  High value for networking, collaboration and promotion of the best in landscape products and services for a specifying audience.

Events are free but limited, so as to fine-tune and focus the audience.  The evening meets regularly bring together over 100 professionals from the landscaping community.

Speaker and Format

Oxfordshire-based landscape architect Claire Thirlwall of Thirlwall Architects will address the event, focusing on “Unsung Heroes” of the industry.  There will be the usual break-outs for networking, a free dinner and bar and the obligatory opportunity to mingle informally with those at the forefront in the world of the built environment.

The Mobilane UK will be in attendance, as will their glorious Green Screens, LivePanel products and the new LivePicture Go.

The event starts at 4.30pm on Tuesday 23 October 2018 at  Birmingham City Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BB.

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