Specifi Landscape London: Networking event for Landscape Architects and Designers

24 September 2018

Specifi Landscape London | 25 September 2018

Another chance to register and participate in the FREE event for landscape specifiers (book quickly – tickets are limited). The Specifi evening brings over 100 professionals from the landscaping community together again. With key speakers Claire Thirlwall and Martin Brown opening the debate on the future of “London – Beyond The New Normal”, break-outs for networking, a free dinner and bar, it’s an informal chance to rub shoulders and talk “built environment” with those at the forefront in the industry.

And that means you’ll find Mobilane there, complete with our Green Screens.

The event starts at 5pm on Tuesday 25 September 2018 at the Crypt on the Green, London EC1R 0EA.

Let’s connect – book your place now.



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