Mobilane joins product data platform NBS Source

23 March 2021

Over 3500 architect, landscape architect and specifier practices use NBS to help them specify their construction products – that is over 300, 000 users seeking the most relevant, detailed data for their projects. Already part of their manufacturer network, with their full product specifications and BIM-ready models available across the platform, Mobilane provide the connected data required for procurement, design and construction. NBS is a product data platform that holds manufacturers and specifiers unified product data in one place, allowing interaction and relationship-building across the supply chain and the lifecycle of a construction project.

NBS Source and Mobilane

Improving decision making, connecting systems and ensuring the latest specifications and BIM technology is accessible, Mobilane are manufacturer partners on NBS Source. This global leading technology platform is the go-to specification resource and enables a powerful, intuitive search of all the leading products in the built environment. The Mobilane product range, listed within the NBS Source for several years, includes full BIM modelling data, enabling its integration directly into project specifications, 3D models and Revit environments.

Mobilane BIM Models

The BIM models are available on NBS from the following Mobilane products:

  • LivePanel Indoor
  • LivePanel Outdoor
  • Green Screen
  • MobiRoof
  • NoiStop
  • WallPlanter
  • LivePicture
  • Irrigation Units

Specifying Mobilane Digital Objects

NBS Source can be browsed by category, product or searched on any criteria. Alongside BIM models and full technical specifications per product, simply downloadable into project designs, architects, engineers and specifiers browse recyclability and material details, as well as finish, colour, shape and any quality assurance or third-party certification.

Mobilane, architects and landscape architects

Mobilane continue to work closely with the design industry as they have done for over 20 years.  The Technical and Commercial teams work in tandem to ensure specifications and end products are a perfect match for the ultimate success of a green screen, living wall, green roof or living art project.

Mobilane offer CPD training sessions and have been running these regularly online and face-to-face when appropriate.

Visit NBS Source for full details of how to use the platform, to access Mobilane’s full product range and to begin you BIM journey.