Live Picture Go – Love Green? GO Green!

23 August 2018

Natural, living artwork in your living space: LivePicture GO

Riding on the crest of its Red Dot Design Award wave earlier this year, the new LivePicture Go innovation from Mobilane will take centre stage at the company’s London Design Fair showcase this coming Autumn (20-22 September 2018).  A striking, contemporary blend of artistry and nature, the LivePicture Go offers an affordable creative option for modern living spaces and interiors where a splash of green makes the biggest statement – an office reception, a hotel foyer, an airport lounge.

Simple design finesse

For a dash of natural greenery in your living, work, reception or classroom space, add LivePicture GO. Ready to install, it’s simplicity itself – no green fingers needed. Both unusual and beautiful, it hangs on the wall as simply as hanging a painting.  LivePicture GO stands out with its minimalist design, affording the plants themselves all the attention they deserve.   Its design finesse and simplicity is down to its innovative and patented capillary wick which sits inside the plant cassette. A little capillary technology keeps your LivePicture GO at the optimal level of moisture.  No power source needed – just refill the water tank once every 4 weeks.  The clever techy bit is integrated into the design meaning no distraction from the artistry of the product itself.

Effortless artistry

LivePicture Go features two detection systems.   The funky yet unobtrusive watering indicator prompts when it’s nearing empty and cleverly lets you know when it’s almost full, too.  All components are made of the highest quality plastics, are easy to disassemble and ultimately recycle after disposal.  Choose a frame to match or complement your decor or theme.  All panels are easily mounted with two screws (supplied), a full set of instructions and an installation template.

Make it your own

Choose plants to match your taste, colour scheme, mood or preference. Use your imagination – indoors or outdoors – in a single panel or in multiple modules. Be creative and make your own wall mosaic. Keep it low-key with a simple, single LivePicture GO.  Fancy a change?  No problem.  Simply exchange the plant cassette to suit your mood, your theme, the season or design trends.  No messing.

Embrace nature

Choose a LivePicture Go and you’ll get a natural, living masterpiece – with improved air quality and a happier environment –and a beautiful statement for any wall.


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