The ivy WallPlanters made by Mobilane help enhance the look of the block

10 October 2013

The ivy WallPlanters made by green screen company Mobilane will help to insulate the flats at Worsley Court in Rusholme as well as enhancing the look of the block, which was built in the 60s and is in the process of being refurbished by Eastlands Homes.

Importantly, the ‘green wall’ will also help to reduce pollution levels near the flats; Worsley Court is located on Wilmslow Road, a busy bus corridor with high pollutant levels. In total, nine ivy WallPlanters have been installed by Hedera Screens to cover 100 sq m of the building. The plants will remove the same number of pollutant particulates from the air as four to five average-sized trees, but take up a fraction of the space.


Despite being 44 meters tall, the WallPlanters will be easy to maintain because of a special root zone in the planters that has been designed to give the plants an ideal environment in which to grow. A sophisticated irrigation system supplies water and nutrients as required.

Julian Hammond, investment manager at Eastlands Homes, said that the ivy clad wall was part of a project to revamp the apartment block, which forms part of a project of three multi-storey blocks owned by Eastlands Homes. He commented: “One of our key priorities in refurbishing this building was to improve the insulation of the flats. The ivy will help to reduce heat loss from the building in winter, while in the summer months it will help to shield the building from the sun’s rays and keep the interior cool.

“Boosting Worsley Court’s insulation will have the knock-on effect of reducing energy consumption, helping to make the building more environmentally friendly and reduce energy bills for our customers. Cleaner air is a further bonus of the project.”

Architectural statement

Julian added that the luscious, green look of the WallPlanters was also a benefit: “We wanted to make an architectural statement. Mobilane’s WallPlanters were a cost-effective and instant way of lifting the aesthetic appeal of the building.”

Sean Farrell of Mobilane added: “Eastlands Homes emphasised the importance of sustainability in the brief for this project; they were looking for a long term solution to the problem of poor insulation which would also enhance the local area.

“Our extensive experience of working with public sector organisations has enabled us to deliver the right product for the job and provide the residents of Worsley Court with an appealing, environmentally sound way of improving the energy performance of their building.”