Easy installation and maintenance is the key for living systems

24 November 2015

The ongoing challenge to ensure continued uptake of living systems is to deliver systems that are not only robust and effective, but are easy to install and manage. This is the message from Paul Garlick, National Business Manager of Mobilane UK, the market leading developer and supplier of sustainable living systems.

Garlick says “Living walls, green roofs and sustainable fencing solutions are now widely accepted, commonplace, and achieving remarkable results in improving air quality and biodiversity. Our modular systems are leading the way as they require very little or no major building alteration to install, need minimal maintenance, and are remarkably flexible. Several of our systems, such as our LivePanel living wall system, are increasingly finding use indoors as well as outdoors, especially within the corporate office environment, where it is adding a stunning aesthetic to foyers in offices, shopping centres and hotels across Europe.

“Our Green Screen living security fence system is being widely used by local authorities, businesses and housing developers as a rapid install solution, but is also increasingly finding a use in the domestic environment for use on patios and balconies. It is this fluid approach to application which is the key to ensuring progress in the push for future sustainability.”

Mobilane, which develops living systems for interior and exterior use, will be exhibiting at Ecobuild 2016 promoting its range of easy-to-install and manage living systems suitable for both commercial and domestic use. As well as the LivePanel and Green Screen systems, Mobilane will also be demonstrating its MobiRoof green roof system, LivePicture and LiveDivider internal planting solutions, and NoiStop acoustic fencing system. NoiStop is a highly effective solution for reducing noise spillage and intrusion from railways, roads and industrial sites.

Mobilane will be exhibiting on stand E5191 at Ecobuild, which takes place 8th – 10thMarch 2016 at Excel London.