The biggest WallPlanter in the UK: The Lexicon Bracknell

16 August 2017

Take the next generation of shopping experience…

Add 800 metres of Wallplanter

Bring a plain, concrete car park alive with greenery…

Sprinkle in expert installation by Hedera Screens and what do you get?

The biggest WallPlanter in the UK: The Lexicon Bracknell

Installation is nearing completion and will be ready for the grand opening on 7 September 2017. Taking pride of place encircling the next generation of shopping and leisure experiences at The Lexicon, Bracknell, our Mobilane WallPlanters constructed of stainless steel troughs and planted with green screens, create a stunning tapestry along the car park and walkways.

The green expanse offers both beauty and function, shielding the car park whilst allowing ventilation.

Add in a LivePanel Avenue

The biggest Wallplanter in the UK is also complemented by 200 metres of LivePanel, which continues the green commitment around the centre and along The Avenue, the main thoroughfare within the shopping zone. The LivePanel feature (see main slider image) is a superb accompaniment and runs alongside the new Marks and Spencer store which opened in July 2017.

More to come

Wallplanter during installation in April 2017.  The green transformation is an important development in creating a sustainable, natural environment within The Lexicon and has been heralded by the Bracknell Regeneration Partnership, responsible for the regeneration project. We will update our Mobilane story post-installation and launch in early September 2017.