Alexander Ilsink, director and 3rd generation of Mobilane about the development of MobiRoof ECO

6 September 2021

The urgency for nature-inclusive and conscious building is big. The mission of Mobilane “creating green, healthy and sustainable environments” is more relevant than ever before. For three generations, the family company has been involved in creating more and sustainable greenery.

Mobilane MobiRoof ECO Alexander Ilsink

Alexander Ilsink, third generation from the company tells: “In line with our core values quality, sustainability, innovation and passion for green we have further developed our green roof system. Important reasons for us were reducing CO2 emissions and circularity. Our previous system was of course also developed with these thoughts, but we want to be a step more sustainable. The material for the cassette of MobiRoof ECO is a material recovered from waste. This limits the waste streams and has less pressure on the environment. Part of the material is recovered from our own waste stream“. The cassettes are also recyclable and is therefore a circular product.


“We want to be a step more sustainable. Part of the material is recovered from our own waste stream.”


Mobilane MobiRoof ECO close-up sedumcassette

“The MobiRoof ECO cassette is produced in the Netherlands and locally pre-grown on our own nursery. This ensures that the transport for the production of the product is significantly reduced and we also reduce CO2 emissions.”

The circular and sustainably pre-grown MobiRoof ECO cassettes are suitable for sustainable, climate-adaptive and future-proof construction. A green roof provides points to building labels such as BREEAM or LEED.